1. Explosive Potato says

    Very good vid thx man :).

  2. NAFI says

    yang kesini gara gara tugas ARSIKOM mana likenya!!

  3. Saffi Rehman says

    Good job!! But you didn't explain terms like buffers, registers, buses, static ram etc. Any ways good video???

  4. xujo4 says

    Bro I need chapter 4 introduction to computer can I get it to night?

  5. Kirthika S says

    THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH ,Helps me a Lotzzzz

  6. Just_Petrina says

    Please upload more videos you’re really good at explaining

  7. Zaldy Caesar Quimno says

    Thanks man! Your great!

  8. none none says

    what about the bio? dude..!!

  9. Nghiiki Paulus says

    Its just the beginning since i started studying IT but this video taught me a lot and its understandable

  10. Alexander Keshwar says

    Hello I'm currently on an MCSA course and I was looking for Study material. Maybe we don't cover the same subjects but what I remember it was the following Processor, memory, input/output and communications when going over the software.

  11. Serigotskrila says

    Ugh if only it were that simple

  12. 8888hhhh says

    watch at 1,5 speed

  13. Pfumbirai Manyangwa says

    This is so useful I need more videos on my emailIs p.manyangwa@gmail.com If it is ok with you.

  14. Saia Chenkual says

    Anger define hardware and software..Components which you can smash with hammer are called hardware..and….

  15. Oliver Green says

    This was really helpful

  16. Melted Cheese says

    Awesome video!

  17. Adam Riaz says

    Brilliant video, explanation and visuals-but is very hard to listen to because you talk so slowly :/ Maybe talk faster with more passion to improve 🙂

  18. leteveryoneknow says

    Lol computer is like a KITCHEN! If that be so, a software engineer is a cook.


    aaannd now im hungry

  20. Tanveer Hasan says

    underrated video

  21. staford lazaro says

    off course i like this for its simple and very understood easily

  22. Guillem a17 Doñate Madrid says


  23. Guillem a17 Doñate Madrid says


  24. Eva a17 Hinarejos Aviñoa says

    qui ti pasa wey

  25. Andrea a17 Martín Larrubia says

    che boluudoo

  26. Guillem a17 Doñate Madrid says

    me gusta el atun

  27. Guillem a17 Doñate Madrid says


  28. protoss scud says

    It's hard for new learner like me to understand a CPU until I read a book called But How Do It Know… Which teach you from a single memory bit to the whole CPU and RAM..

  29. RiptideV10 says

    Play at x1.5 sloes thank me later

  30. Amr Moneer says

    thanks karbytes

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