Introduction to computers and complete History Education for all


a) Definition, Characteristics and history and types of Computer
b) Computer Organization
Introduction of the Unit:
Computer & its uses
Capabilities and limitations of computers
Classification of computers
Types of computers
History and evolution of computers
Basic operations of computers
Organization of computers
Objectives of the Lesson
What is a computer?
Basic units of computer and their purpose
How computers work
Features of computers
Uses of computers
Types of computers
Generations of computers
Applications of computers
Basic computer operations

Computer education for all provides complete history of computers, characteristics and Introduction.
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  1. Computer Ka Diwana says राजस्थान में सबसे अधिक व्यूज और लाइक किए जाने वाले संपूर्ण कम्प्यूटर के विडियोज को इस लिंक से प्राप्त करें।। MS Office की मैराथन क्लास यहां से देखेंरोज 3 बजे और 6:45 पीएम पर लाईव pdhete है हजारों स्टूडेंट Er Pawan Sharma Jaipur से।। जो एक क्लास लेता है वह सभी क्लासेज लेने को मजबूर हो जाता है

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