iOS 13.3 Jailbreak & Best Tweaks! iPhone 11/11 Pro!


iOS 13.3 Jailbreak for iPhone 11/11 Pro & XS/XR RELEASED! Unc0ver 4.3.1 is the BEST jailbreak ever made. How to jailbreak 13.3 & BEST new Cydia tweaks!

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Supported Devices
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPad Pro 3
iPad Air 3
iPad Mini 5

Why Jailbreak?

My Favorite Jailbreak Tweaks.

More Tweaks.

Thank you @Pwn20wnd

Older iPhones Jailbreak. (X & below)

Wallpaper used.

Tweak List.
1. Complications 2.2 – watchOS widgets and app shortcuts on your lock screen 
2. Axon. Notification grouper on Lock Screen.
3. MobileGoose. An annoying goose for your iDevice.
4. Maple 2. Charge animations
5. QuickLS. Shortcuts for your lock screen toggles
6. Prysm. PrefixUI is required for it.
7. CCModules. Custom control center toggles, works well with Prism
8. Cuboid. Reorganize Springboard easily.
9. Springtomize 5. Add and update AppList snd PreferenceLoader
10. BlankIcons.
11. LiveSafari. Turn your safari. Icon into a real compass.
12. FloatingDockPlus13. Floating dock like on iPads, A way to turn off iPhone without using power button, Split Screen apps, Recently used App functionality
13. KillX Pro. Kill all multitasking apps at once. A smart version of it that can keep music apps open and certain apps from being killed.
14. CircleSettings.
15. OtaDisabler. Remove update badge from Settings.
16. SiliquaPro. AirPods gestures customization!
17. Barmoji. Emojis instead of bar on bottom.
18. Call Assist Bar. A tiny phone call interface, free alternative to CallBarX (Install bottom most package com.xybp888.callassistbarios13)
19. SmallSiri. Makes Siri small and compactSiliqua Pro.
20. ForceInPicture + YouPIP. Picture in Picture tweak

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  1. EverythingApplePro says

    Would appreciate a ?, worked hard for this one!

  2. ali lyle says

    Will this work with 13.5?

  3. King Zee says

    Does anyone know how to jailbreak 13.6 ? NEED HELP Asap

  4. apna islamic point with anas says

    my phone is locked

  5. Sebastian Toys Review says

    The flicking subscribe button is the best jailbreak for youtube!

  6. Philip Johnson says

    Appreciation goes to WOOHACKZ for fixing my iPhone 11 Pro Max carrier he’s expert (check lG)

  7. Simon Austine says

    Really appreciate the video but am all grateful to asaphacker1 on 1nstagram for unlocking 18 devices awhile ago today

  8. Joel Robinson-Gomas says

    Anyone looking back now and looking at how much Apple implemented into IOS 14

  9. helo dela cruz says

    awesome video would like to get some air-pod 3 bro nice tweaks been a fan of apple for 4 years ?????it help me on my iphone xs max 13.5

  10. NJ Spurlock says

    Nobody:Apple: WRITE THAT DOWN!

  11. Ham Porter says

    anyone know the name of the cases hes using?

  12. JHXD says

    Bro EAP deserves the most respect without him we wouldn’t have this version of jb. Like if u agree

  13. SneakyG! says

    here because magisk got the deathpenatly… for now!

  14. Noah Moruzi says

    Is there a jailbreak for 13.4.1 yet? Uhg i really wanna jail break ????

  15. Omar Caliiツ says

    can we get the wallpaper

  16. Hugo Valdez says

    All I want is a couple icons at the BOTTOM of my screen and not a full screen of icons.

  17. Amy Haslam says

    legal eagle

  18. Crimson Vixen says

    does this let you change your system font?

  19. Diamond Man says

    so cool

  20. Dave Alcalde says

    Imagine Apple bringing Cydia to their default iOS

  21. Albo-5772 says

    I cant share it to the altserver can someone help?

  22. Tom Corin says

    I have iOS 14 and so Many features are on it for this video

  23. Albo-5772 says

    Does iphone xs work?

  24. Muhd Syakir says

    What phone case is that

  25. Springtrap Trooper 101 says

    Does it work for 13.5?

  26. ABO Series movies says

    Wait does the jailbreak damage you’re phone or gives you virus?

  27. Noam Raanan Gefen says

    So you can’t do that if you have 13.5.1???

  28. DrewKing says

    Is this bad for my iPhone?

  29. De Real Maestro says

    Still waiting for the 13.3.1??

  30. Ellie. Buzzz says

    Where is the Cydia app I can’t find it

  31. Richard Falcon says

    Nice rebel case

  32. Didy's Site says

    Does jailbreak consume much battery life? Just want to use simple tweaks such as notification group organized in lock screen

  33. Tropical Shadow says

    I jail broke successfully but I don’t see any of the tweaks that you were talking about I’m on a pro max 11

  34. Tristan Vasquez says

    Does this jailbreak work on iOS 13.1.3?

  35. George Loxton says

    Do you use a jailbroken phone as your daily driver?

  36. Mr Lemi says

    at me, when I press the jailbreak button, it reaches 2/31 and nothing next happens

  37. Sebastian's Brain says

    Bruh when I try to download app cake it says it’s unable to download everytime

  38. Virginia Mosca says

    Does anyone know how to make the bar at the bottom change colors

  39. PhillyCheeseSteaks says

    Thanks a lot Filip! I know you haven’t been getting invites to Apple events because of this content but just know your 8.5 million subs thank you ?

  40. ultradeadd says

    Very cool tweaks. Haven't been on the jb scene for a while been on OnePlus haha. This vid makes me wanna pick up the iPhone in September

  41. Grumpy Brownie says

    I’d rather not jailbreak mine but this looks sick

  42. James Avant says

    When do you think jail break for the 13.5.1 ? Need to get CarBridge

  43. Zain Mehmood says

    What’s the name of last tweak? I didn’t get it

  44. Ronil Thomas says

    How do I get the true black settings page as you have?

  45. SOMER 2K says

    Does after the 7 days trial I will not have my unc0ver app and my Tweaks anymore ? I used the PC method

  46. Matthew Kodsi says

    Is there an alternative to Axon? I can't find it

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