iOS 13.4.1 is Out! – What's New?


iOS 13.4.1 is now out to everyone on iOS 13 supported devices including, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 13.4.1 bring a few much needed bug fixes for bluetooth and FaceTime and seems to have a little better performance and possibly battery life as well. In this video I cover all the new features, updates, and fixes that come with iOS 13.4.1 and go over battery life and Performance. If you were wondering if you should install iOS 13, now is the time. #ios13 #iPhone #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:10 – Supported Devices
00:21 – Size
00:37 – How to update from the Beta
00:58 – Build number
01:06 – Modem Update
01:24 – Bug fixes and resolved issues
02:14 – iPad OS 13.4.1
03:28 – Battery life
04:23 – Performance
04:45 – RAM Management
05:01 – Benchmarks
05:54 – Conclusion
06:22 – iOS 13.4.5 and iPhone SE
06:41 – Wallpaper
06:53 – Outro
07:13 – End
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  1. samsung phil says

    i have iphone 7update it on 13.5.1 lost service

  2. Kamila Gregorio says

    Omgg someone help me I update my iPhone and all my photos deleted please helpp☹️

  3. Fludrby West says

    What internet service do you use for home? I use dsl with AT&T and I have Verizon mobil . Recently I had a issue with WiFi connection on my iPhone XS -Max. The fist time I erased I restored fully from my latest back-up. Well WiFi worked 1/2 day. I had to erase again because I was going to replace the devise. Version said I could still use phone on weekend till I received the new on. When I restored I did not restore the backed up apps. Well my WiFi has been working perfectly now with no apps but what comes on the phone. So talking to Apple tech. They mentioned is is a security app. How would I find which app that would be interfering? Thank you for your time❣️❣️

  4. Ryan G says


  5. Ryan G says


  6. d n d says

    I updated my iPhone to this and it hasn't turned on since.feels bad

  7. Ravi Solanki says

    After update my iPhone is hanging and Bluetooth is unavailable

  8. LowProfile HighVoltage says

    Why my ip7 hot after update ios

  9. A_P Tennis11 says

    This update messed up my safari data and YouTube!🤯 This new os keeps reloading safari pages and automatically closes all the tabs itself…it’s a glitch & needs to be sorted ASAP!

  10. Azure D. Kanser Player says

    Hope there is a “remove dock” option soon 😶😶

  11. Jalalodin Sarip says

    There’s a new update ios 13.5😅

  12. Kendy Pamei says

    IOS 13.4.1 has some minor issues, overheating, and headphone sound volume drop,

  13. Kaan Erdem says

    Im scared to update.. im on 13.1 on xs max. I want to wait till ios 14 is released

  14. F X VIC says

    Just updated my phone night & suddenly today my phone became freeze & hang. Then it will just restart again. Happened 4 times today! I never had this kind of issue before. There’s one time the screen home button gone missing.. I thought maybe I mistakenly turned off the assistive touch, but no. Had to restart for it to appear again 😤

  15. Spongebob Squarepants says

    Is there more storage?

  16. Gladiator Spear says

    What’s a good vr controller that is Compatible to this update???

  17. Monyrath San says

    Why it’s cannot face time call bro?

  18. Nadir Nas says

    again another battery drain going to happen to my iphone 6s, rip.

  19. KeemSmoove Beats says

    U can also continue to play audio from email when phone is off.. I really needed that

  20. Ghost Killer says

    This update is 1 gb and it fix some issues that I don’t even know existed 🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Ozi YT says

    This update is bad it keeps disconnecting the internet from my iPad and i can’t print anything from my iPad anymore

  22. Itx BuBu says

    can u give that ipad ! <3

  23. Roger Canda says

    This guy just showing off his apple products… lol

  24. Jacob The Random Bystander says

    Only problem is my battery on my 6s when I updated

  25. 2wheelphoto says

    did they overclock the cpu on this? it's destroying my batteries

  26. Rachella Ryan says

    does you VPN slow down too? it's weird. i have the iPhone 11 and VPN speed wasn't a problem for me.

  27. Kenny Mutima élève says

    Is it only my phone that’s tripping.. my phone turns black when i whatch a video on yt because of the new update

  28. Professor raccoon says

    iOS 13.4.1 introduces new Memoji stickers and iCloud Drive folder sharing from the Files app. This update also contains bug fixes and improvements.MemojiNine new Memoji stickers, including Smiling Face with Hearts, Hands Pressed Together, and Party FaceFilesiCloud Drive folder sharing from the Files appControls to limit access only to people you explicitly invite or grant access to anyone with the folder linkPermissions to choose who can make changes and upload files and who can only view and download filesMailAlways-visible controls to delete, move, reply to, or compose a message in conversation viewResponses to encrypted emails are automatically encrypted when you have configured S/MIMEApp Store with Apple ArcadeUniversal Purchase support enables the use of a singular purchase of a participating app across iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TVRecently played Arcade games appear in the Arcade tab so you can continue playing on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TVList view for See All GamesCarPlayThird-party navigation app support for the CarPlay DashboardIn-call information appears on the CarPlay DashboardAugmented RealityAR Quick Look supports audio playback in USDZ filesKeyboardPredictive typing support for ArabicThis update also includes bug fixes and other improvements. This update:Adds status bar indicator to display when VPN has disconnected on iPhone models with all-screen displaysFixes an issue in Camera where the viewfinder may appear as a black screen after launchAddresses an issue where Photos may appear to use excess storageResolves an issue in Photos that may prevent sharing an image to Messages if iMessage is disabledFixes an issue in Mail where messages may appear out of orderAddresses an issue in Mail where the conversation list may display empty rowsResolves an issue where Mail may crash when tapping the Share button in Quick LookFixes an issue in Settings where cellular data may incorrectly display as offAddresses an issue in Safari where webpages may not be inverted when both Dark Mode and Smart Invert are activeResolves an issue where text copied from web content may appear invisible when pasted when Dark Mode is activeFixes an issue in Safari where a CAPTCHA tile may display incorrectlyAddresses an issue where Reminders may not issue new notifications for an overdue recurring reminder until it is marked as completedResolves an issue where Reminders may send notifications for completed remindersFixes an issue where iCloud Drive appears to be available in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote even when not signed inAddresses an issue in Apple Music where music videos may not stream in high qualityResolves an issue where CarPlay may lose its connection in certain vehiclesFixes an issue in CarPlay where the view in Maps may move away briefly from the current areaAddresses an issue in the Home app where tapping an activity notification from a security camera may open a different recordingResolves an issue where Shortcuts may not appear when tapping on the Share menu from a screenshotImproves the Burmese keyboard so punctuation symbols are now accessible from numbers and symbolsSome features may not be available for all regions or on all Apple devices. For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:Here’s the summary of everything

  29. JAYLON BRANCH says

    So basically it’s nothing different 😂

  30. ratcliffave says

    Warning Warning, Updates slow older phones down, it is done on purpose to make the owners go out and buy a new phone. My SE updated itself overnight even when I declined it. My battery dies in just a few hours. DO NOT UPDATE

  31. cestrc says

    Anyone knows how to un-stack the pop up notifications?

  32. Erick Villegas says

    Peep the Minecraft

  33. Plastic Milk Tea says

    I’m confused why in my iPad storage I had iOS 13.4.1 taking up 1.02GB of storage

  34. LyricBoss says

    My Safari keeps screwing up (and WiFi keeps disconnecting only for my iPhone) ever since I downloaded the beta on my XR 🙁

  35. J S says

    Had the worst experience with 13.4.1 yet. Performance is really bad, reloading apps in background does not work properly and „Share Sheet“ freezes my phone. Also I had to force reboot when I asked Siri to call someone because it froze again. 👎🏻

  36. Christian Ranque Ocon says

    I have Iphone 7 IOS 13.3.1 and has 84% battery Health. Should i Update mine? My phone is Overheating by the way even i play itunes and Games

  37. 4Down 2TwistedLani says

  38. Jeaniza Manloloyo says

    So many bugs for the new ios

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