iOS 13.6 GM Released – What's New?


iOS 13.6 GM Released – What’s New? | iOS 13.6 Features, Changes, Performance, Battery Life & Bug Fixes

Apple just released iOS 13.6 GM to registered developers & public beta testers a week after the release of beta 3, and at the same time as iOS 14 Public Beta. In this video, we cover what’s new in 13.6 GM, including changes, performance, battery life & more.

iOS 14 Public Beta Released – How to Install:
iOS 13.6 Beta 3 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 13.5.1 has a strange issue..:
iOS 14 – 90+ Best New Features & Changes:
How I Maintain 100% iPhone Battery Health:

0:00 Intro
0:21 Size, Build #
1:06 Features & Changes
4:20 Bugs
5:53 Performance
7:06 Battery Life
7:37 iOS 13.6 Public Release Date?
8:50 Outro

Are you going to update to 13.6? Or are you staying on 13.5.1?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Anybody else having battery drain issues on 13.5.1 or 13.6?

  2. Rebecca Wadsworth says

    Do we have a possible public release date?

  3. Venkatesh Reddy says

    On Which date ios 13.6 will be out for everyone ?

  4. Jwill says

    My X-ray on 13.5.1 had amazing battery life. I’m on public 14 beta now tho. Still amazing battery life

  5. MitchIsrael says

    Where can we get the wallpaper on your xs max?

  6. cowgirl9925 says

    I have the iPhone se 2020 and the battery is doing great on iOS 13.5.1 ?? I was using iPhone 7 then I got the iPhone se 2020 on May 28th a day after my birthday ? my first iPhone was the iPhone 7 last year the iPhone se 2020 is my second iPhone

  7. Viral Chanel says

    I updated to ios 14 beta publica and it sucks, I immediately went back to ios 13.4.1i want to go back to ios 13.3 but SEP is not compatible? but also ios 13.4.1 is fine on my SE 2016

  8. Gustavo Gaviria says

    Does anybody using XS Max on 13.6? How battery feels like?

  9. Caleb Runyeon says

    Can I install the iOS 13.6 update when it comes out officially if I have the iOS 14 public beta? I don’t really want this iOS 14 beta no more.

  10. Dushan Nilanka says

    Iam running on iOS 13.5.1 .asastive touch not working some times &and key pad

  11. Dominique Flores says

    Oh so true. When i updated my 7 plus from ios 12.4.1 to ios 13.5.1 i need charge my phone 2 times a day. When i was in ios 12.4.1 i only charge this 1x a day. Shoulda just stayed in ios 12.4.1

  12. Justyn Garza says

    I have iPhone 7 not good battery life

  13. Mark Longakit says

    Is the green tint issue with the iPhone 11 series still present on iOS 13.6 GM?

  14. kissy fishy says

    I have updated to ios14 yesterday. Feel so good and battery didnt drain yet and no heat . But Others storage suck out 16 GB. overall cool feature

  15. Tony Ngo says

    Thoughts on installing ios14 beta on main device? Bugs seems minor to me

  16. Ahn James says

    too early to buy a bmw to complement my iphone?

  17. TheGodFather 256 says

    I have a new battery but it drains unusually fast on my iPhone 7

  18. Paschal Okonkwo says

    This might be my last iOS 13 update, after all in September I will get iOS 14 on my 6s

  19. Kevin .S says

    @Brandon should I get iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone SE 2?

  20. Kevin .S says

    I rather stay iOS 13 than iOS 14

  21. K-leb Harper says

    How many of you guys have 7 or 7+, more people have it than I originally thought

  22. Erick Salazar says

    The thing with 13.5 it messed up my battery health it was at 100 now it’s at 96 and i have the iPhone 11 Pro.

  23. Shezz says

    What"s the official release date of IOS 13.6 ?? and, is anyone facing the issue where we the earpods couldn't connect ?? I have an iphone 7 Plus

  24. Muhaimin says

    Still concerning about ram management on ios 13 bug. Is it still aggresive on this update ? Currently jail with ios 13.3

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