1. _leosx says

    Can you please add an ios 14 app

  2. Zaki CH says

    please for hp oppo

  3. Patrick 95 says

    Can you please make some compare video between orginal ios device and a android with ios 13 on , just to check how real ur app is ? I have some troubless with lock screen , i got some message " notification is destroyd by system " and lock screen get crazy , and doesnt work aswell , can u tell me why ?

  4. PreDaToR GaminG ZoNe says


  5. Tomasz Godlewski says

    I prefer you could add the notch that iPhones X to 11 Pro Max has

  6. romero tomopheo says

    can u use siri?

  7. caca official says

    How about the emoji?

  8. iamclaudiogiago14 says

    Can you put the status bar of ios

  9. Troll Bot says

    How do I get out of the launcher

  10. Fishtankk says

    if you want ios 13 so badly buy an iphone

  11. Alan Shore says

    Hello, the app is great. but I’m missing a feature and that’s crucial. Can you summarize apps in a folder, I did it twice and when I restarted everything was again individual apps on the screen.

  12. JorexTV says

    It's dangerous

  13. Rai says

    How do I launch it because when I open the app it doesn't do anything, when I select reload launcher tab it does it for a second but switches back to my android screen. Help 🙁

  14. Lance Morales says

    My phone freeze because of your apps I can't even use my phone

  15. Vampirmans K says

    My phone Huawei p30 lite not work

  16. Paul Snaith says

    Amazing launcher… really well developed. However is there a way that when you use chrome or any other browser with the add to homescreen feature it can add it to the launcher homescreen? There are many things I use in android which are added to homescreen but dont appear on the ios 13 launcher homescreen? Also yes… an ios keyboard would he amazing!

  17. Sinoky says

    Status bar please

  18. Chel lie says

    How to move application??

  19. blue shits says

    No entiendo porque en mi celular en vez de ser un layout de 4×7 es de 4×6

  20. `Yesi the Queen` says

    Status bar? Plz ;-;

  21. Michael Kevin Belda says

    my icons in the home screen are not 6×4. how to fix it

  22. Mintyツ says

    Update lock screen app with ios 13 lock sound please…

  23. J Tr says

    how can i add widgets to homescreen? not have any option to add it…

  24. JayzYOG says

    You should make an IOS 13 style keyboard with a dark mode option and all the emojis from it!! that would be amazing and it would be the best since you're so good at making IOS themed apps ?

  25. Zaries P. says

    Why i cant use it on my a9 2020

  26. Lenard Sangco says

    Everytime that i tap on my home button this launcher makes no sense.

  27. Intania Ippeo says

    How to appear hidden app again like what?

  28. Maurice Cady says

    Any way to make the clock and battery icon look the same as it does on your lock screen app?

  29. zacur cordova mesina says

    ¿sería posible quitar la publicidad? Todo lo demás es excelente, excepto la publicidad 🙁

  30. Rafifahkri says

    icon ios pleasee all app on google play

  31. J Tr says

    how to add widgets on home screen??? not exist settings for it !!!

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