iOS 14 – 90+ Best New Features & Changes!


iOS 14 – 90+ Best New Features & Changes! | iOS 14 Beta 1 Released – What’s New Review

iOS 14 Beta 1 was just released and in this in-depth video, we cover over 90 new features & changes on the iPhone! These features include home screen widgets, a redesigned Siri, a beautiful refined Music app, a new incoming call UI, AirPods improvements and much more!

iOS 14 beta is currently available to developers & will be out to public beta testers in a couple of weeks! It’s compatible with the iPhone 6S and newer!

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Widgets
2:03 Today View
2:31 Siri
3:24 Hide Apps
3:37 App Library
4:28 Minor UI Changes
4:55 Page Dots & Hiding Pages
5:31 Control Center
6:28 Copy & Paste Between Apps
6:49 Back Tap
8:09 Reduce Loud Sounds
8:43 New Call UI
9:36 FaceTime
9:58 New Camera & Photos Features
11:35 New Privacy Features
14:03 New Accessibility Features
16:17 Storage Search
16:45 Redesigned Music App
18:58 AirPods
19:59 Messages
23:16 PiP
23:57 Safari & Translate App
26:11 Notes
27:15 Calendar & Clock
29:39 Weather, Reminders, Home & App Store
32:48 Small UI Changes
34:27 iOS 14 Wallpapers
34:47 Conclusion

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What’s your favorite feature in iOS 14? Or did you not install it yet?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    UPDATE: Join our Discord server for more iOS 14 discussion:'s your overall favorite feature in iOS 14? ?

  2. TopVoider says

    Kids really be vibing with hide pages..

  3. Roger E Smith Jr says

    We talk about new software tomorrow new ones iOS 14 beta 4

  4. Michael Bailey says

    When will the widgets be updated in real time? Smart Stack news doesn’t update unless I manually open it and stocks same thing. Will this improve?

  5. Ap Ple says

    For the Translate App – will it be able to translate text on a picture (like Google Translate does)? Thank you!

  6. Kobe Brown says

    When does iOS 14 release to the public?

  7. RJ Piedad says

    Mirror front cam. FINALLY!

  8. TechOut says

    Has anyone had their 2020 iPhone SE go through an “attempting data recovery” screen for about 25 – 30 minutes after a beta update? Mine has done it going from 13 to 14 and then on beta 2 and 3. Always updates and there is no data loss but it keeps doing it every update even after a wipe and reinstall. Only on my SE all other devices are normal

  9. Young LandreYT 21 says

    Am I the only person who still can’t update

  10. Matt Warner says

    I’m impressed the back tap works through my otter box defender.

  11. Mumble. The Owl says

    I don’t know why some people aren’t seeing the gradiant now playing screen, I’m running the beta on my iPhone XR and my now playing screen changes colors so the effect is definitely present ??

  12. just darche says

    i just install the iOS 14 beta 3 on my 6s and there is a bug when you add the clock wigdet and you lock the screen for some time, the same it's stuck. For example if it is 04:00pm on the clock would be stuck at 03:00pm. Plus the weather widget is black you cant add city or see the weather you just need to tap it like usual

  13. liamisthedead05 says

    Translate is gonna come in clutch in Spanish class

  14. liamisthedead05 says

    With all the things coming in ios 14, searching emoji's and compact call notifications are the 2 best things coming

  15. FaZe GaRbO says

    Can u still call while in the beta

  16. Brian Doyle says

    There is a r in libRary

  17. Ali Ahmed says

    Plzz give Me A Iphone ??

  18. Ian Lee Park says

    i never got the back tap on my iphone

  19. Sean says

    still cant turn video camera around while recording? that'll come in 2030 right…

  20. Kurou Black says

    Can anyone tell me why Instagram’ notification or any notification won’t just go away while we are onto something??

  21. Devonte's world says

    This video was actually really helpful I just got the iOS 14 today and I found a lot of good stuff on this video!!

  22. Pynhun Sungoh says

    it is available in India? BRo

  23. Alex Lesyk says

    Fantastic review! I’ve had the beta version for over a week and wasn’t aware of at least half of these new features. Thanks!

  24. lexie ciccar0nee says

    They should make it so you can lock apps, like on an android

  25. Hugo Dalmar says

    On Geekbench 5, my single core went up to 1335, while my multi core went down to 3136. Running iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB iOS 14.0 Public Beta 2

  26. rajnish tiwari says

    Whats new in ios 14( 35 minutes long video) : Widgets (10 years old tech).

  27. Jevoxani - says

    I almost regret downloading this beta… It’s eating my battery ?

  28. sideshow sm says

    Give me an iphone lol

  29. Fort. Ash says

    Eww the Siri circle looks ugly asf?

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