iOS 14 Beta 1 Battery Test. You will be surprised by the result!


Normally I do not do Battery tests on beta versions as they are known for bad battery, but I thought it would be good to have results to measure future versions against.I will be doing this test a bit different this time. First I will only be running this battery test on the iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone 11. I will run the test twice, first on iOS 13.5.1 and then on iOS 14.0 Beta 1. Unfortunately I somehow lost the video of iOS 13.5.1 so will only be showing the results not the video. This time I only waited 24 hours between the update to run the test on iOS 14 Beta 1. Normally I wait 5 days for the battery life to stabilize, but thought I would give it a go just after 24 hours. The settings of the devices are as usual : Screen brightness to 25%, auto brightness disabled, and both devices at 100% battery health. As mentioned iOS 13.5.1 video was lost, but I still had the history of those tests in Geekbench 4.

How Geekbench works :

Geekbench 4 battery scores measure the battery life of a device when running processor-intensive applications. It provides a consistent workload to the device, and generates a Geekbench score by evaluating the amount of work that it is able to do while the battery is discharging and the amount of time it takes for the battery to discharge.

The battery benchmark can be run in Full Discharge mode, from 100% to 0% battery level, to provide a high level of confidence in a device’s battery performance. The battery benchmark can also be run in Partial Discharge mode, for 3 hours. If the battery benchmark is stopped after 10 minutes, by the user or by the battery reaching 0%, then the result will be saved and can be uploaded. Battery benchmark scores gathered by any method except the Full Discharge mode provide a medium level of confidence in a device’s battery performance, and longer tests are more reliable.

When comparing scores, remember that higher scores are better, and double the score indicates double the performance.

Music by Niwel (see credits below)

Track 01 : Virtual Trip
Track 02 : Summer Breath
Track 03 : Panavi

Niwel is a french music producer.





SOUNDCLOUD: @niwel-516897768



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  1. Art May says

    Мне кажется есть ошибка, в конце видео где указываются iPhone se 2020, там данные SE первого поколения !

  2. tariq bhai says

    My betry drain so fast on iOS 14 could you tell me why it’s happend????

  3. michael girardi says

    I have the XR, I’m on beta 2 and there’s been a huge boost in my battery life. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I don’t mind

  4. Adam Tuplin says

    The battery life on my 2nd gen se on ios 14 has been shocking

  5. Mathieu Schmitt says

    Can you make the speed test and battery life for iPhone X please

  6. Bunga says

    Using iPhone 7 plus with iOS 14 beta 1, battery sure does SUCKS. 100% to 90% easily drain about 5 minutes. WTF.

  7. Daniel Springer says

    I think many simply want to see their device tested, we will loyally watch ☺️Also: did you run this test again to see if the 11 still got such a higher score?

  8. fedorovdfd says

    где айфон 7???

  9. EXMerser says

    Мой SE1, на iOS 14 разряжается за 1.5 часа. Откатился до 13.6 Beta 3.

  10. Solrac M7 says

    What is the point of this stupid video if no one is speaking. What am I supposed to do if I’m blind.? All I hear is music. Just music Can you think about blind people to?

  11. Gabriel Ribeiro says

    Do with XR

  12. Yumi Just says

    А где айфон 7

  13. Sotero A. Gomez says

    I restored my phone then installed everything back from iCloud… bugs are there but at a minimum and the battery life is gr8 for a beta.

  14. Ed R says

    The beta is killing my watch battery dies very quickly. My iPhone is definitely dying quicker but it’s manageable. My iPad and watch screens have stopped responding to touch a few times thankfully a reboot fixed it.

  15. Dark Splash says

    why my 6s draining 1 percent charge in per 15 second

  16. ninkide says

    this is definitively going to enlighten us ..'it always does'requesting you to Pls post a videos of tests on older iphones like iphone 6,6s,7 and 7+ ,8,8+,eagerly waiting for that.thanks a ton !!!

  17. Brawl Maks says

    The best?

  18. Meir Cohen says


  19. Саша Лобанов says

    All people hyped for first beta of iOS 14, while I think about 13.6 version. Does anyone know when it gonna come out?

  20. Jonathan Micele says

    These are too different batteries it’s not accurate

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