1. We are Anonymous says

    Is iphone ? 6s plus available for ios14

  2. baby sam says

    im preeetty sure magenta is purple-pink, not straight up red

  3. Marinho Robles says

    Idk if I’m the only one but, is anyone else having issues with Face ID?

  4. Rambo 05 says

    0:16 What is that iOS 14 widget? Not that I need it but is looks cool.

  5. Yogik P says

    Minta Hp ram 4 dong Plis om

  6. The Great Ernest says

    Who else is missing Live Photos in Wall Paper settings in iOS 14 Beta 3???

  7. EKotta says

    There is no wether widget in ipados 14 beta 3, sad

  8. Kevin Maurice says

    Anybody has the link of the wallpaper? Please.

  9. Be Tu says

    old apple music logo? badd

  10. Aiden Smith says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the new Apple Music icon ?‍♀️

  11. Kyle Chase says

    Definitely hoping we get a Spotify widget.

  12. Tommy Wiseau says

    What we did not want. But what we needed.

  13. Tommy Wiseau says

    PETITION FOR APPLE TO MAKE A NEW FEATURE IN THE MUSIC APP. The new feature would be. Finding people who have the mostsimilar tastes and playlists and etc. then you can add and share each other’s playlists.

  14. Amarjeet singh Saini says

    Slowly slowly Differences between Android and iOS is getting minimum … So far only in android we have lot of flexibility …now iOS also working on it .

  15. Travis McGowan says

    11:40 Is this feature carried over to Safari on MacOS Big Sur?

  16. A says

    I think the back tap is the coolest thing they put on the iOS 14 I love it just a little too sensitive and so glitchy but I cool idea

  17. Shahmeer Imran says

    Is it okey to download beta version?

  18. Thug Life Records says

    looks like android with the clock widget. They should add that clock widget for lock screen as well.

  19. R3nY says

    I Dow loaded the beta and my phone is constantly crashing

  20. Procreate Tips says

    What’s the website to get beta 3

  21. Logan Bronstein says

    does anyone know if the new snapchat update is compatable with ios 14 betas and if not when it will be?

  22. jason beedle says

    Finally 4K playback on YouTube for iPhone

  23. lukmac123 says

    Can someone tell me how to get beta version of ios 14?

  24. cartoonz RubeTube says

    Iphone 12 leakshttps://youtu.be/12smFUGz6E4

  25. cartoonz RubeTube says

    Iphone 12 leakshttps://youtu.be/12smFUGz6E4

  26. James Loughrey says

    it’s not magenta. like not at all.

  27. Khan Bui says

    The clock widget on iPad shows wrong time. Has anyone have that problem?

  28. Noah Geck says

    anyone else having issues with connecting airpods on beta 3? mine won’t connect

  29. Thomas LEHMANN says

    Am I the only one who hates the new setting for the alarm ? Where’s the old scroll one

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