iOS 14 Beta 3 – Apple is Making some changes!


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Apple today released iOS 14 beta 3 with new widgets, new Apple music icon and much more.

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  1. Ahmed Yasser says

    I like the old Apple Music icon

  2. Gina Bermas says

    my iPhone X won't download ios 14 Beta 3 yet

  3. Alim Adam says

    There is no 3D touch support anymore for the iPhone Xs Max. Just wondering if this is the goal or just a mistake or bug for now?!

  4. Sterling Alexander says

    So how can I i load it

  5. Favian says

    What about if you can transfer music from apple files app to itunes music app.Or transfer music from itunes music app to apple files app?Can you do that now with the new update?

  6. Roger E Smith Jr says

    We talk about new software for tomorrow or Tuesday Wednesday iOS 14 beta 4

  7. Rishi Dhiman says

    Battery drain fast please check this out

  8. Rishi Dhiman says

    Heat up problem

  9. look gr says

    What iPhone you guys have I have the xr

  10. Lock Adam says

    Not able to change clocks other then the 4 provided

  11. muhd Iqiyr says

    That's not new icon music that's old one on ios7

  12. Wendy Mogul Photo Real Estate Photography says

    2 days out and still no public beta release..

  13. Chris John says

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  14. prakash hashmat says

    Hi, I am on ios 14.3 beta tester can you tell me if I can have clock widget on lock screen?

  15. Ashraf Ali says

    After updating ios 14 developers beta, i am facing issues like if i am on a call and someone else calls me I can’t see the other person’s name id only, i have only option to accept the call or reject don’t know the caller id, but after ending call i can able to see the details

  16. Abari ibrahim Robo says

    All thanks to Brave cyber hacker he did my so easily…

  17. Stephen Bowman says

    Is anyone else finding the clock widgets doesn’t always tell the correct time. When it goes wrong, I have to change the time zone then go back to my local time/London. IOS14 Beta3 iPhoneXS Max,

  18. Savas Zabaftis says

    serious bugs this version. my keyboard in messages does not appear

  19. Scott Jilbert says

    They shouldn’t have removed the news widget

  20. Sati Prakash Tiwari says

    Here are some bugs which I found in iOS beta 3.1- Clock widget is not syncing time.2- Siri shortcut “turn off wifi and Bluetooth not working.3- Bed ? time didn’t turn off automatically when time is completed.4- Bed time has option to change alarm tone, but it didn’t ring when you try to change.5- Perspective zoom transitions in wallpaper is not smooth.

  21. I review says

    I like white icon for music

  22. Shresth Budakoti says

    WHAT’S new is that they killed 3D even on supported devices. F**k you apple for doing that.

  23. juan lebron says


  24. PTYA LOMERI says

    nice wallpaper!!!

  25. Ahmet.e_ says

    White LikePink Comment I like the Withe icoin

  26. Big Ward says

    I have the news widget on my beta 3

  27. Steven Smith says

    The news widget is still available on my iPhone after updating to beta 3.

  28. Steven Smith says

    I like the red icon more

  29. Tim Shafiq says

    1:29Try restart your phone. Cus i had the same bug when updating to beta 2, restart fixed it up.

  30. Ellie Bloo Estrella says

    The weather widget is missing as well.

  31. How to - Musically says


  32. Jax Teller says

    ANC and TP mode on AirPods Pro does not work anymore. The volume sound is also very low when i watch YouTube or listen to music (beta 3)

  33. Jai Bo says

    weather widget does not work just black anyone else having this issue?

  34. Simon Hoe says

    Anyone having trouble with Face ID not working??

  35. Pony7helord says

    How do I fix the storage bug because I have so much space on my phone I have 64 gig I didn’t know was gonna take this much other

  36. Carlos Guevara says

    If the weather or news widget is not showing up, you just have to open the app and it will appear again

  37. Paul Domino says

    I have no idea why they don't give the option for current location on the Clock widget.

  38. Paul Domino says

    My backup iPhone 7 No longer has the weather Widget option it was there on Beta 2. Interesting

  39. Pony7helord says

    And one more thing um I had my downloaded videos for a long time and then all of a sudden they just disappeared for no reason it hasn’t been 30 days and I contacted customer service and they still have solved my problem has anybody ever had this problem please let me know so I can figure out what to do to get them all back because my iPhone 11 still says it’s taking memory so I don’t know if anyone had this problem before and fix it please let me know

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