iOS 14 Beta 3 Follow Up – NOT what I expected


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This is my weekly follow up on iOS 14 beta 3 in this video i talk about some of the latest changes, features & bug with iOS 14 developer and public beta 3

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  1. Adrián says

    No keyboard 3d touch?

  2. Lucky05 says

    Hey … i wanted confirm this with the people who use iPhone 11 and Xr… when i use it with a 100% brightness the display above the lightning port gets warm …. is this with only my phone or with every other iPhone 11??

  3. Che nurul Aida says

    Whatapps and msg no keyboard ?…please help me

  4. Lôst Sôul says

    They completely killed 3d touch

  5. Sanketh Subrahmanya says

    How to get full screen photo for contacts like iOS 13? @idevicehelp

  6. Ibrahim M Ibrahim says

    Wow I just got my account of 4 years back with the aid of karimhack7

  7. Ibrahim M Ibrahim says

    Wow I just got my account of 4 years back with the aid of karimhack7

  8. Dishe Marito says

    Yo guys I have a question I was exercising and I was wearing my AirPods and then I heard a weird noice in my rigth AirPod and then suddenly I couldn’t hear anything just in the left one

  9. kupaczabra xl says

    Setting the alarm clock is a pain, the appearance has changed and the functionality has decreased

  10. Jailbreak0King says


  11. Shivashanker Kandhula says

    I have deleted translate app by mistake now I’m unavailable to install it how to get that app again

  12. Braylin335 Endgame123 says

    Do a video on how to download Cydia

  13. Muzo Gee says

    My 3D Touch is mit working anonyme on Developer Beta 3 on iPhone X and theres no option to activate anymore. Anybody facing the same problem? My phone is crashing more and the cam app too. Sometimes at daily use when my phone is shaking it activates the tap Funktion too. That’s so annoying.

  14. Jason Langevin says

    Well I’m on my phone a lot and I’ve had a good experience with beta 3. No crashes, no reboots, no camera freeze! But looking forward to more betas


    From ??

  16. Shrishailesh Kamatagi says

    How to downgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 13 without using computer ? Because iOS 14 is very bad…

  17. Manu Haikka says

    Still can’t find the public beta 3 update in my settings, i only see beta 2?

  18. SACK VLOGS says

    Everytime i click on the link for wallpaper, your site opens really slowly

  19. likhith venugopal says

    The top to bottom scrool is not proper in ios14 beta 3

  20. Chandra Christianto says

    I cant set live wallpapers on my iphone 8 plus, tell me its a bug and it is not removed forever

  21. Blue King says

    I’m running on iOS 14 beta3 it great no freezing or bug battery life on my SE2nd is better than b4

  22. Krudy Artz says

    The only problem I really have is that the clock widget won't update

  23. diniesh v says

    Why can’t we disable the widget page?

  24. Gracias_Mi_Amigo says

    Bluetooth has issues and connects to AirPods off and on

  25. Julian McConn says

    The widgets suck and the control center lags

  26. james bonham says

    What’s up with all these ‘technology’ bots showing up in your comments, is there any way to block them?

  27. c.p.t.ILARA 12 says

    Still waiting for iOS 14 public beta 3 on iPhone 7 Plus and it’s not out yet , why ?

  28. Markus G. says

    As you already said in your title: „…not what I expected from beta 3“. Noticed some bugs on beta 1 but I am not happy at all with beta 3. Noticed some app data where lost. Also did not receive messages anymore. iPhone sometimes gets really hot on using some apps. I guess it only can get better.

  29. Wang Fang says

    My iCloud was unlocked just now by techcoly on Instagram. he's a genius

  30. Henry Robert says

    I was sCAmmeD when I purchase a lockeddevice from £BAy but it later turns to joywith the help Of Techcoly on Instagram

  31. Mike Andy says

    Meeting techcoly on Instagram was a great previlage he successfully got my device fixes he's genius

  32. Rose RONALD says

    I strongly recommend techcoly on Instagram because he was able to unlock and remove my iPhone x from iCloud

  33. Randy Jackson says

    ᴛᴇᴄʜᴄᴏʟʏ ᴏɴ ɪɢᴛᴇᴄʜᴄᴏʟʏ ᴏɴ ɪɢFixed my device perfectlyThey are expert in icloud services.

  34. Randy Jackson says

    Thanks to techcoly via Instagram I finally got my device permanently unlocked ??????

  35. Mary James says

    All this will be fixed if you contact TECHCOLY on Instagram

  36. Mary James says

    Bought an XR that was locked fromsomeone and couldn't get in touch withthem anymore then came across (Techcoly) on Instagram who unlocked it for me

  37. Henry Robert says

    I strongly recommend Techcoly on Instagram he permanently unlocked my iphone11 pro from iCloud

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