iOS 14 Beta 3 is Out! – What's New?


iOS 14 Beta 3 has been released to Developers and iOS 14 Public Beta 3 should be later today or tomorrow. iOS 14 Beta 3 brings a new music app icon, new widgets and more. In this video I show you all of the new features of iOS 14 Beta 3 on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE and iPhone XR. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – Size
00:36 – Build number
00:47 – Modem update
00:51 – Storage bug
01:21 – Known issues
01:51 – Resolved issues
02:10 – New features and changes
09:09 – iPad OS 14 Beta 3
09:39 – Battery
10:38 – Performance
11:43 – Benchmarks
12:18 – Conclusion
12:31 – iOS 14 Beta 4 expected release date
12:50 – Wallpaper
13:03 – Outro
13:23 – End

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  1. zollotech says

    Which version of music do you like best? iOS 14 Beta 3 adds new widgets, updates music, has a new handwashing feature for watchOS 7 and more. Thanks for watching!

  2. Uddhava Tancredi says

    Mine still says other

  3. Timothy Fulton says

    When do you think IOS 14 will be released to the public rather than developers? I have a iphone 8 plus with a ios 13.6 update and does apple have on there website the public beta release date?

  4. Ally Msp says

    I can’t receive normal phone Calls

  5. Uncle Chester The Pester says

    I ain’t getting it and I have the 2nd gen se

  6. Harmanpreet Singh says

    Is anybody facing Camera problem like me ??

  7. -blitz-. says

    connectivity issues became worse for celluar dsta

  8. Kobe says

    my battery and performance has been SO BAD on beta 2. typing on my keyboard is SO LAGGY FOR NO REASON!

  9. Nikusha Tevzadze says

    How did you recreate the weather widget?

  10. Tharindu Dewasiri says

    not working multitasking ( left 3D touch ) iphone 6s after ios 14 beta 3 update.can you plz tell me how ti fix it

  11. Lifeofjesus says

    Hand wash it’s not on my Apple Watch app

  12. SmoothWolf says

    I have a question Zollotech. How do you use the third party widgets?

  13. Everything Videos says

    Mine is 1,399 for single and multi is 3,501 on ios 14 beta 3 mine is the 256gb midnight green pro max.

  14. pimp slipback says

    i’m having problems with my keyboard….

  15. Sriram Rocky says

    I can’t scroll between letters using 3D Touch while typing!!!!!!!

  16. Ken Robert says

    i have downloaded ios 14 beta 3 and my phone is stuck on the loop mode ….

  17. c mun says

    my maps is not working on iPhone 11 Pro max, but working on 6s !

  18. Alonzo Great says

    Apple needs to add Crossfade in Apple Music

  19. Gerson Aguilar says

    Im the only one who doesn’t have live wallpapers after updating??

  20. Krishna Sachdev says

    If I am using fast charger for iPhone 8 Plus like 12W so the battery drain will also fast ?

  21. Ivyrages says

    Is this beta available on iPhone 11 the normal one

  22. Nathaniel Baratta says

    On the largest battery widget there is finally a battery % indicator next to the battery icon for each device. That’s been omitted the past few betas, unless it was just a bug. Also the screen time widget is finally not blurry for the x and y axis scale !!

  23. Isabella Arenas says

    How can I download the iOS 14?? I got an iPhone 8 Plus. Do I have to wait until September release ???

  24. Erik Arriaza says

    They should add volume limit just for those who have kids with iPhone/iPads

  25. Barry Jowers says

    Anyone else lose their weather widget and cant get it back on beta 3?

  26. Danelia says

    Why can’t I find hand washing ?

  27. Bradd Roembke says

    My AirPods are not out of detecting my devices. Is there a setting that I need to complete for this to work. I am running Beta 3 ios14

  28. cher Bear says

    I just wanna know if i’m safe to do this ?

  29. Hoa Nguyen says

    Hello my friend. Did you check on Picture in Picture? Not working right?

  30. Kobe Clark says

    Anyone else having the issue where you cant type when on the messages app?

  31. Elizabeth Walter says

    All thanks to Techlord_69 on IG He just Got my device fixed

  32. Gregory Gniadek says

    The weather widget goes missing with beta 3 on random devices with different people. Gone on my 11 Pro Max, present on my iPhone 8

  33. Muhamed Aziri says

    i have iphone 8 and i have updated my iphone to ios 14 beta 3 and for me back touch works for me

  34. Karol Fudala says

    I had wether widget on my screen but after latest update it just disappeared and I can’t even find it in the list. I only have the new one.What should I do? I already turned off and on my device. (I’m using iPhone XR) Someone have the same problem as me?

  35. Yasser Vandijk says

    But I don’t have weigjet of weather why?

  36. azeezur rahman says

    Clock widget does not show correct time

  37. Alex Westhoff says

    Randomly my face time mutes when I’m in YouTube but it’s never consistent lol.

  38. Kelli Michele says

    Noticed the camera mirror option is gone. ?

  39. Wuando says

    Does this mess up your phone still?.

  40. Barcaseb10 says

    I have noticed that after the beta 3 update, I can’t no longer use my Bose wireless headphones. I think I might go back to IOS 13

  41. Jaswanth Korrapati says

    In YouTube when you play video in full screen the notification bar won’t auto hide.

  42. Ross Mills says

    Weather widget was gone on iPad when I first updated to new beta, but came back after a restart….in case anyone else finds its missing

  43. ZePhExX says

    69.5 gigabytes:’)

  44. mahesh balla says

    There is a bug in the clock widget, it is not syncing

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