iOS 14 Beta 3 Released! – What's New?


iOS 14 Beta 3 Released! – What’s New? Apple released today iOS 14 Developer Beta 3 and in this release we can expect the usual bug fixes and stability developments along with the clock widget finally making its appearance in this beta. Additionally, the iOS 14 Public Beta 2 should be launching soon. In this episode we take a look at some of the improvements and discuss a bit on the past bugs, battery life, and if you should do the update. If you have downloaded this software or plan on doing so, please go ahead and leave your thoughts on how it is going for you down below in the comment section of this video to help others in the community decide if this is going to be the software for them. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. Nick Ackerman says

    iOS 14 Beta 3 Released! – What's New? Let's Gooo!!!

  2. Brendan Lewis says

    Did anyone notice the clock widget says 11:00am yet the time above says 1:02pm at 7:11. Surely I’m not the only one who didn’t notice this.

  3. Rati Tsintsadze says

    Wrong time (minutes) on clock widget…

  4. Antonio Bougere says

    Why did they take off the mirroring option off the camera app?

  5. Alex Annesly says

    On my iPhone 11 I had 90GB taken up but when I updated to iOS 14 public beta 3 it had decreased back to 30GB being taken up ??

  6. ashish tiwari says

    How is the animation in iOS 14 while swiping left to right on home screen. still not feels so smooth as in iOS 12 and it feels stutter or jerkiness.

  7. Vanessa Almeida says

    Ecg for Brazil uhuuu

  8. NAYER Abu Soud says

    books and docs translator Scanner new internet translator Translator & Docs Translator

  9. unboxing go says

    Bro ?plis one iphone 11pro plis my sister was hospetal gift for iphone plis help me

  10. Antony Elizabeth says

  11. The Tao of Wisdom says

    The city in the clock widget can't be changed. It always stays as CUP

  12. Iman Shumpert Shumpman says

    the keyboard has a lot of problems impossible to reply to some messages or to send new message please help

  13. siloPIRATE says

    They broke the weather widget ?

  14. finsterer1020 says

    No one has said this:BACKTAP SUPPORT FOR IPHONE 8 AND SE 2020

  15. Enigma Minded says

    I got a ton of storage back. The clock widget is super in accurate for me though. It’s 11:55pm right now and the widget says it’s 8:30pm lol.

  16. PureBlue DK says

    Did sometime can‘t use 3D touch in iphone 6s-iphone8 like me???

  17. luke mcbee says

    The clock widget isn’t keeping time right for me

  18. Its cjay, A fucking mess says

    Battery life is horrible on iPhone SE (1st gen) beta 2

  19. Antonio Fernández says

    I installed it yesterday and the battery is draining horribly quick, also the music widget still doesn’t work for me

  20. Andre Arthur says

    4:16 Amazon wanted attention

  21. Jorge Pimentel says

    Hello Nick , thanks for all your videos , I have a question what’s is the best app for video editing on iPhone 11 thanks ?????

  22. Kerby-san says

    Lol so me, constantly checking hahaha

  23. Clean Pussy says

    I updated and my whatsapp keyboard can't pop up anymore please help. iphone XS MAX

  24. Zach says

    Nick: “Yes, we have the Clock widget.”Also Nick: Proceeds to place giant clock icon right next to Clock app??‍♂️

  25. iCE_SKY says

    how can i instal it

  26. Ankur Dagar says

    Apple users: wow! finally clock widget. Android: meh !

  27. Mega WRLD says

    I don't have an iPhone or any other Apple product, but still, watch your videos!

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