iOS 14 Beta 3 – This is the one!


iOS 14 Beta 3 – This is the one! (Follow-Up Review) | iOS 14 Beta 3 Features & Changes

Apple released iOS 14 beta 3 to both registered developers & public beta testers a few days ago, and in this video we go over some additional new features & changes, the performance, battery life, connectivity and, of course, the infamous storage bug. Has it finally been fully fixed?

iOS 14 Beta 3 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 14 on iPhone 7 – This is Impressive:
iOS 14 Beta 2 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 14 on iPhone SE – A Nice Surprise:
How to Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13! (Without Losing Data):
iOS 14 – 90+ Best New Features & Changes:
iOS 14 on iPhone 6S – The OLDEST iPhone Struggles:

0:00 Intro
0:22 Storage Bug Update
1:24 Additional New Features
6:05 Bugs/Bug Fixes
8:47 Performance
10:02 Battery Life
10:31 Connectivity & AirDrop
11:05 Community Poll
13:49 Time to Update?
14:31 iOS 14 Beta 4 Release Date
15:14 Outro

Wallpaper: In the Wallpapers section in the Discord server

What do you think of iOS 14 beta 3 after using it for a little while? Are you relived that the storage bug has been fixed?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    How has your battery life been on beta 3? Btw, the wallpaper is in the Discord server

  2. Wouter says

    Those aren't third party widgets, those are old-style widgets. Third party devs can make the newer type widgets as well. 🙂

  3. Leonard Wilkinson says

    Great tips my friend well appreciated…..Announce Message with Siri Missing on iOS 14 Beta on my iPhone XS…do you have any idea why ….thanks

  4. mohan krish says

    Can I update to iOS14 in iPhone X if I update to that will my phone get hanged….? And one more question is how can I get that wallpaper which you have showed in display

  5. melissa cormack says

    Since the last update my weather widget does not recognize my location. It will stay on the pervious location for hours. Does anyone else have this problem, know how to fix it, or if this is something wrong in my settings? Let me know please this is making me crazy. Thanks!

  6. Matthias - MJ Video Productions says

    You forgot the bug of the clock widget.Often it shows a whole different time, f.ex. 7:34 pm instead of 10:58 pm.

  7. Chris Taylor says

    Has there been an update this week? Or is this update the one from last week? I’m running the beta and I haven’t had any updates this week yet so I’m just wondering if I’ve missed something. Thank you for the video.

  8. Christian Kinyon says

    Yea I hope they fix the battery issue because my phone won’t charge it takes forever it overheats it’s constantly extremely hot all day no matter what I’m doing. Also the battery only last like maybe an hour or two… it sucks through battery phone is extremely laggy… it’s weird cause beta 2 this wasn’t a problem for me is anyone else experiencing this….

  9. ChanDru PuOne Simha says

    I love to watch your videos and your voice and welcome note ? & all.. I’ve a question does Back tap Will work on iPhone 8 ?

  10. Meir Cohen says

    My wife's iphone 11 pro max SOT on ios 14: 5 hours. My iphone 11 pro max on ios 13.2.2 : 9.44 hours. BE AWARE !!!

  11. Gabe Robert says

    Brandon, Sir. I installed Beta 2 a few weeks ago and decided to go back to non beta last week. But, now I keep getting a notification saying iCloud could not do a backup cause there's a newer iOS version already backed up. Help?

  12. Esteban Orozco says

    Hi bro, i usually use the Betas, but with the ios beta 13 beta i get a problem with itunes because dont let me back up.. send me a msg about is not a offcial version and cant do the back up! get some app problems for the same reason! some info about this problems with this beta??? and is a problem with the buys in the stores???? i like to try this beta but i dont want to wait 2 month to the official release!

  13. dylan wiggins says

    I can’t be the only one that hates the music widget being red.. I want my dark mode back

  14. IzzY Channel says

    I have really really bad lag and phone is heating up like crazy when I’m using it with LTE, especially when I’m outside(a little in direct sun) and also the battery it’s draining like crazy…

  15. Condukt says

    Weather app won’t show up for me don’t see it in the widget list sadly

  16. Lamar says

    ????? blahblahblh

  17. D Money says

    My phone has been overheating ever since I got the update

  18. TopVoider says

    Brandon do you reccomend me to update to 13.6 I’m currently on iOS 13.4 I’m totally updating to 14 Apple finnaly took my interest hopefully they fix more bugs and better battery saving

  19. Playz Coolz says

    Brandon I came across a bug in iPadOS 14 (I don’t know if it works in iOS) but pls don’t report it… here is the video:

  20. MotoMitch says

    I haven’t got the option to update to beta 3….. help?

  21. Molli Marchese says

    i want to do this on my xr so bad but i dont want to ruin it. is it worth it?

  22. Mr_Martin 405 says

    Is mobile data and call quality working?

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