iOS 14 beta 3 – Top Features/Changes!


Hands-on with iOS 14 beta 3 top changes and features!

iOS 14 beta 3 is packed with lots of changes for the iPhone and iPad (iPadOS 14 beta 3). Some changes are relatively noteworthy, and some quite subtle. Watch our hands-on walkthrough as we step through the changes with commentary.

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0:00 Introduction
0:13 Edit Home screen explainer pop-up
0:57 App Library explainer pop-up
1:24 Widgets explainer pop-up
1:53 Lower page dot position
2:09 Updated Music app icon
2:22 Updated Music widget background
2:34 New Music Library menu glyphs
2:46 More sanctioned off legacy widget area
3:25 Smart Stack now has large size option
3:39 Share Music to Snapchat stories
3:52 New Memoji face covering
4:16 New Clock widget
5:02 Delete saved colors in markup
5:09 Easier to move apps from App Library list to Home screen
5:17 “Other” storage bug fixed
5:25 New Shazam Shortcut action animation
5:41 Apple Music remembers where you left off
6:14 Display Zoom update further hints at 5.4-inch iPhone 12
7:11 Drag and drop songs into playlists in Music on iPad
7:28 VP9 decoding in Safari experimental settings
7:55 Location-based hand-washing reminders
8:01 Health shows number of washes

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  1. Aaaaea says

    5:50 lol I wanted this feature so much

  2. Aarron Williams says

    I have nvr seen so many ads in one video ?

  3. Kendall Aguilar says

    "2:38" When someone wish somthing only use PMc.jall.unothis in particular was better than the rest ?

  4. Carola mauriello says

    "2:29"Whenever anyone want somthing simply consider using It is fascinating on all devices! axx සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය

  5. Cole Lauck says

    They removed the weather widget, boo

  6. shijin its me says

    sometimes missing chat box in whatsapp and messenger in iphone 7 plus after beta3 update.reverted back to 13.6

  7. senordd says

    Looks like they’re stealing more ideas from Android.

  8. AppleFanBoy2893 says

    I’m still waiting on the favorite contacts widget to make a return. Until then I will remain on iOS 13.5JB

  9. Don Maverick says

    Thx for the vp9

  10. Really Ric says

    But why has peek and pop previews of our notifications on Lock Screen removed ??? I need that back ! That haptic feedback and the previews to new posts on YouTube and insta are sort of vital …?

  11. Christian Wagner Jr says

    I have an iPhone X and it seems that the widget area (the swipe right one), seems to have been shrunk as well. The widgets used to go close to edge to edge of the screen, now there is a rather decent gap from screen edges on bpth sides, to where the widgets begin.

  12. Will Breard says

    Wish there was a digital clock option..

  13. Pineapple Queen says

    How do you get ios14 if it hasn’t come out yet so many people in the comments have said the have it and I want it did y’all time travel or something ?!?!?!

  14. FcXoGDir says

    Can i downgrade from ios 14 beta 3 to ios 13

  15. Wimbely Parkersson-Davis says

    8:04 “the number of waRtches”

  16. Wimbely Parkersson-Davis says

    Please stop switching between iOS 14 and 13 being on the left and right. Sometimes 14 was left and then next it was right, and vice versa for 13. Great video, but that made it confusing

  17. Gaby says

    How about the lack of force touch/3D touch in notifications ?

  18. EmmanuelJamir says

    Dang I liked the white music icon but the new one is a nice callback to iOS 7

  19. 信建 says

    I love the red music icon.

  20. giri prasad says

    Will iphone 11 supports 4k ?

  21. carl garner says

    The clock widget isn’t keeping the right time for me. The first 30 minutes is fine. But eventually it’s crazy

  22. Marcus Paige says

    6:01 I literally screamed. This is such an obvious feature necessity that we haven't had for years like Spotify users. Shame it took so long for something so simple.

  23. Luca says

    i love the iOS14 software but the new apple music app-icon is ugly af??

  24. Flying High says

    Ok so how can I get it

  25. adidasricky says

    The videos never drop a damn link to download it ?

  26. Ahsanul Islam says

    has anyone else lost the ability to add the weather widget 🙁

  27. Vivan Nguyen Chi says

    Thanks for the in-depth review, but what's up with the constant thumb and finger tapping you're doing on the side of the phone lol?

  28. jcc bumper says

    So just used back tap on the iPhone 8+ with beta 3

  29. BeReady2Apologize says

    Has anyone noticed that the weather widget is no longer available in the latest developer beta of iOS 14?

  30. lxrdle says

    everything is fine but the Apple Music icon. Why the hell would they change it to that color?

  31. Hexone says

    noticed 1 bug on ios 14 beta 3on my iphone ,u can’t use live wallpaper. when ios 14 beta 2 you can use live wallpaper but theres a bug

  32. Matt Bennett says

    Did you notice there is no weather widget anymore? Or is that just on my phone?

  33. Felix ._. says

    Is the battery still good with this update?

  34. Ronel Roque says

    Don’t like the new music app icon ?

  35. nalin barola says

    Mirror mode for selfie seems removed from this latest beta ?

  36. Yung Mike says

    Honestly will never use clock widget cause the clock app icon already displays the current time, gues it would be useful for world clocks tho

  37. Seth Galvez says

    Apple is literally turning into an uptight version of Android ??

  38. Just a Normal Nerd says

    When someone calls you, it doesn't take up the full screen, but when you hit accept it does and then you have to hit again? Is this a bug?

  39. Wit Owczarek says

    Is 14.3 available for public or only developers?


    Iphone 6 users doing everything to keep up with the updated iphones?.

  41. Masud Alom says

    How long batary life ???

  42. Charbel Hajj says

    Please suggest to apple to remove the name of every widget that appear on the bottom of every widget

  43. Rita Gyamaa Ababio says

    I'm switching to iOS bye bye Android

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