iOS 14 Beta 4 – Amazing New Features !


iOS 14 beta 4 is here bringing new features and changes to iOS 14. iOS 14 new features and changes are awesome and in this video you can learn about the new features of iOS 14 beta 4.

iOS 14 beta 4 is an awesome update bringing new features and changes, some of the iOS 14 beta 4 widgets are very useful.


?20+ iOS 14 HIDDEN Features:

?100+ NEW iOS 14 Features:

?iOS 14 Beta is OUT – What’s NEW:

?10+ iPhone HIDDEN Features:

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  1. iReviews says

    Which is your favorite iOS 14 feature ?

  2. Handicrap03 says

    Point less because it’s not able to be downloaded

  3. Harshad Waghmare says


  4. fuuz says

    Call of duty doesn t work anymore

  5. فرات خالد says

    What about translating

  6. thymmai syiem says

    *Please reply*. iOS 14 beta causes my phone to heat every now and then. I’m really concern about my phone long run performance. What should I do?

  7. Khan Bui says

    Clock widget still not sync with beta 4.

  8. Fredy Infinite light says

    Thanks for sharing, nice new feature the shortcut widget, pity that this cannot be resized, I mean 4 icons space just for a shortcut. IOS14 is great but apple is still being tight. They getting there slowly.

  9. Yvng xRx says

    My is the widgets

  10. Cubs City says

    You got Friday the 13th Jason hands. ? ? ?

  11. very rare says

    they better put back that front camera mirroring cause i look ugly ass hell

  12. 2.5k subscribers with no videos says

    I’m so hyped for iOS 14!

  13. Ateeq Bandarkar says

    Thank that was helpful

  14. Jaevon Andrews says

    Can you put your wallpaper in the description ?

  15. Ahmed Abozaid says

    I just noticed that Wi-Fi shortcut for On&Off not working any more with the latest update and last one before it. What's happening?

  16. jarcohen123 says

    Thanks can’t wait for public beta 4 maybe tomorrow I guess

  17. Bambam Shannon says

    I’m still on iOS 13.6 should I get iOS 14 beta 4?

  18. Spiderwebb 07 says

    all of them I love your. Content ???

  19. lbrenes says

    Is this update for developers only? I am on public beta 14.3 and it says my phone is up to date.

  20. Jay-R Garcia says

    Why is that i don’t have that widget shortcut? I’m now also at beta 4, using 11 pro

  21. I. R says

    how come sir shortcuts not working since beta 3 is eny one els having same problem

  22. A Storm says

    I can’t find iOS 14 beta 4 looking at software update and it’s showing nothing how do I get it?

  23. Olmec ST says

    Widgets not even out yet. But will need an immediate update to be useful. Should not be called widgets yet big icons and shortcuts

  24. David Daniele says

    is there a link to that wallpaper? looks way better than the stock iOS light wallpaper! Also love the video!

  25. Ali Abbass says

    What is exposure setting?

  26. Harpreet Singh says

    It took almost 60 minutes to install beta 4 on iphone xs max …

  27. Thomas Clark says

    The clock widget is still absolutely useless…

  28. Claire Ryan says

    My banking app won’t work with the first iOS 14 3 betas and I bet it still won’t work with this beta

  29. Trey johnson says

    It about time ??‍♂️?

  30. arjun. says

    third yay

  31. milan p a says

    Sec yay

  32. Claire Ryan says

    Is it out now?

  33. VitorYT says

    First yay

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