iOS 14 Beta 4 Released! Best Update So Far!


Apple released iOS 14 Beta 4 today along with other software releases as well! We check out all of the changes and new features that were added to this new beta.

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Sponsor
02:25 – Update Details
04:51 – New Features/Changes
11:01 – Speed & Performance
12:15 – Battery Life
13:21 – Outro

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  1. TechReview says

    Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping + 2 FREE GIFTS @Manscaped with code “TECHREVIEW”! #sponsored

  2. Zen says

    anyone have some info on how the beta effects your battery life? Is anyone seeing a large decrease or is it pretty good overall

  3. Nick Goff says

    I still have my weather widget

  4. J. C says

    He back but just as inaccurate as always. Weather widget was not removed in beta 3 and it is most definitely in beta 4. I would post a screen shot but obviously can’t. Go watch zollotech or Brandon. Much better reviewers. If your missing the weather widget. Just restart. I guarantee it’s there. Never was removed.

  5. Tomasz Kretek says

    how's the battery life on XS Max?

  6. Sabith Muhammed says

    Front camera mirror option its not showing now

  7. NovaPrime Tech says

    The only bug I had on beta 3 was my AirPods would connect but it wouldn’t play through them it would keep playing though the phone.

  8. Fraser Fulton says

    Best sponsor message ever ?

  9. Julius P says

    For some reason my Siri still takes up the whole screen please advise

  10. Kahikina Marumoto says

    I have the weather widget and I’m on 14 beta 4

  11. Sylvabed Enterprises Pty Ltd says

    My battery health dropped to 93%

  12. Sylves Mro says

    Hey Jeff!

  13. Manu Haikka says

    Beta 4 been released and my settings only show me public beta 2 smh, i want the public beta 3…

  14. Vaughn Hebron says

    I didn’t have any issues with the weather widget. But I’m so glad they brought 3D Touch back. Was definitely missing it, especially with the keyboard cursor.

  15. Shavindu Hettiarachchi says

    Weather widget is there tho since beginning it was never removed on my iPhone X

  16. Guto07 says

    Ok this might have been the first sponsor I actually payed attention to

  17. Dharma Teja Flossy says

    @TechReview please make a video on how to solve update requested or Estimating Time Remaining on update page

  18. Jeremy Lake says

    What’s the app on the bottom? The red cog with the YouTube logo in it? Just curious.

  19. Justin Ashley says

    Does anyone else think the blur behind the search bar in App Library looks weird when scrolling? Like it doesn't look like the rest of iOS. There's no definitive bottom edge, it kid of just fades away. And the blur itself isn't very strong. Anyone? Or just me?

  20. Brad Johnson says

    Hey Jeff!

  21. Bold Adiyasuren says

    Please how to install iOS 14 beta 4?My phone is iPhone xs max!

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