iOS 14 Beta Profile, WWDC 2020, New iMacs, and a Folding iPhone?


WWDC 2020 is a week away and we should see iOS 14, watchOS 7, a new macOS version and much more. In this video I go over the latest information on iPhone 12, iOS 14, watchOS 7, MacBook Pro updates, new iMacs, new iPads, possibly a new folding iPhone and more. I show you everything I can on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 2020 iPad Pro. #ios14 #iPhone #apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – 16-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Pro updates
01:13 – iOS 14
02:34 – watchOS 7
03:08 – New iMac
03:40 – ARM Macs
04:53 – Foldable iPhone
06:12 – iPhone 12
06:54 – New iPad Air and iPad mini
07:42 – Magic keyboard
08:19 – Wallpaper
08:31 – Outro
08:52 – End

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  1. Kevin Davis says

    I hope the Apple watch series 6 gives me a reason to upgrade from my series 4. The series 5 was a snoozefest if you already had the series 4.Aaand yeah, I love having USB C for my iPad Pro and MacBook, lightning for my iPhone, and a proprietary Qi standard with my Apple watch. /S

  2. Yahya Almutawakel says

    Bro we get it, its an iphone 11 pro now flip it back

  3. sumaedh singh says

    From where you get this wallpaper ?

  4. Swagat Senapati says

    Please do a gaming test on ipads and iphones

  5. Will Newcomb says

    14 wish list: an update which does NOT scramble my phone's photos!!!

  6. piyush choudhary says

    What the apple watch strap you are wearing?

  7. Janet Johnson says

    Here in uk still not updates on XR why still Delays

  8. Vaughn Hebron says

    Looking forward to new apple tv, ios 14 features, and iphone 12 features

  9. Dylan _ says

    When do you think the public beta will come out?

  10. bin wang says

    What a fantastic view!!!

  11. Me Lo says

    I still get excited about Apple products ?

  12. The Don says

    How do i get out of beta


    I have been watching your channel for a long time and I just released I didn’t subscribed sorry I just did ?

  14. Dereltih says

    I hope the prices that were leaked are true..

  15. Phill Pidgeon says

    Forgive me if I misheard, will Apple leave ARM ?

  16. Tony Flowers says

    black airpods and black apple pencil!!! imac redesign!!! hopefully in a black varient!!! lol

  17. Oliver Polden says

    I might end up eating my words but at the moment I’m curious about what they will make but I don’t expect I will buy it. A foldable phone most likely will have one or more compromises, whether that’s durability, screen quality, seam at the fold, device thickness…I think that developing folding phones is a waste of time because they will eventually be replaced by augmented reality glasses. So I think that time should be spent developing that rather than this which I think is a gimmick.Funnily enough, the one device that I thought was pointless that I do actually think there is a market for is the Motorola Razr. I hate Motorola and the Razr, but I think it’s a good product for smaller female pockets. Apart from that, you’re just getting a less durable device that’s easily pocketable unfolded. As for normal size phones that fold out to make a larger screen, I just see so much space and as said, development time wasted, it’s just compromises everywhere.Sure they’re cool, but I’m sure the initial excitement will wear off quickly. The point I’m trying to make is that I think they’re just a short term stop gap that will quickly be replaced by technology that will be with us for the foreseeable future.

  18. Harron Bear says

    My iPhone 11, not pro, started getting burn in on the display . This has been happening since the day I updated to iOS 13.3.1. It goes away after about a week but I have multiple things burned into the display. It keeps coming back continuously. I just wanted to say in case anyone had the same problem with the update. ?

  19. ijjysmith says

    Hey man. Big fan of the videos over here in the UK. Quick question, need a new iPad, but can’t really afford a pro or have the need for that one! Any rumours on new pads or should I stick to the current collection for now?Cheers.

  20. Galapegus says

    If the new iPad air is getting a USB-c port, I'm curious to see if that means that the iPad air would now be comparable with the apple pencil 2, or if that means that they would be producing an adaptor that you have to buy separately.

  21. Donald Bridge says

    Looking forward to the iPhone 12 release later this year.

  22. Brian Taylor says


  23. Snowy says

    Folding smartphone is retarded

  24. JORD AWESOME says

    Love from canada

  25. STANLEY NASH says

    Thank you for your help but i deleted the card months ago, i replaced it with new card and they took the money from an old card not the new one, so they must keep card numbers, i think people should know, the bank are looking in to the situation, something different…the escape key on an Smart Keyboard will wake the ipad press a second time and will open with Face ID, only from sleep, I haven’t seen anybody on YouTube or apple support explain this , i like your video’s don’t understand the tech stuff but if you think it’s good it must be,!

  26. Ifedayo Filani says

    I can't find the link to the wallpaper, how do I get that? @zollotech

  27. Rodney McKay says

    More features in the OS itself or greatly improve on what is there at least with the files app. I’m good as hardware stands at the moment.

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