iOS 14 Exclusive Features NOT Available on other / older iPhone’s


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  1. Suchithra poojari says

    Can anyone please tell if sound recognition update of ios14 wrk on iPhone 7??

  2. John Smith says

    Here's what is missing on the 6S (excluding any iPhone 11, XS camera features): Back Tap, Spatial Audio, ARKit 3 and 4 (as well as the eye correction feature for FaceTime), On-device keyboard dictation, CarKeyThe 6S also doesn't support some previous features found in iOS 11-13 such as HEVC encoding (iOS 11), FaceTime video call effects (iOS 12), reading and writing NFC tags (iOS 11), Audio sharing (iOS 13), and ARKit 3 (iOS 13).

  3. Wil Patrick says

    New Siri interface doesn’t work on iPhone XR on iOS 14 betas

  4. Stephanie Harrison says

    Volume up for burst works on XS Max. Record stereo sound works on XS Max as well.

  5. Stephanie Harrison says

    Back tap is available on iPhone XS Max.

  6. Devin Daily Vlog’s says

    I can listen and take video on my iPhone XS running iOS 14 beta 3

  7. Chris Morales says

    The BackTap has always been on my iPhone SE2020 since the iOS 14 beta.

  8. Tony says

    Dude you need to give more accurate details. It's not JUST the 11…as the comments are saying, the XS def had all these.

  9. TIMOTHY smith says

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  11. Jayden McRoy says

    * watching on the new iPhone SE *

  12. Salman khan says

    Iphone x camera problem

  13. FAZIL KHALID says

    Hi I’ve got iPhone 10 X max when I install iOS 14 my Viber app done work anymore so I delete twice and I installed again still doesn’t work I reboot my iPhone switch on and off still doesn’t work what shall I do thank you ?????

  14. Nesh Waren says

    Back tap feature now is available in iPhone 8 and 8 plus after the new Beta 3 update. I’m glad apple did that.

  15. Wayne Buffin says

    I just got the iPhone 11 a few days ago

  16. Om Mistry says

    These all features are working on my iPhone XS Max

  17. Ansh Garg says

    Every option is available on my iphone xs max

  18. Dean Kingsland says

    When does the public beta come out ?

  19. Randolf Vincent Monis says

    Night Mode alone is not available for the XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, and other older iPhones which is a shame. ?

  20. Mani Reddy says

    Quick take works on x,xs,xr

  21. Adam Cheren says

    On iOS 14 on my iPhone XR I can do the listen to music while recording a video as well I think it’s just with iPhones with a home button that doesn’t work because it doesn’t work on my iPhone 7 as well but it works on my XR on iOS 14

  22. Ann Natalie says

    I was referred to cybertoolz on 1G and she has done a great job for me ??

  23. Amen Savle says

    the back tap is now available on ios 14 dev beta 3 for the iphone 8 plus???

  24. Richard Terrass says

    iOS 14 b 3 dropped 30 minutes ago. Installed on my 11 and iPad Air 3rd gen. Best news is the iOS storage is less than 9gb and other storage is back to normal @ 636mb

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