iOS 14: More Rounded Boxes Than Ever Before


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Only Apple knows how to think outside the box…by exclusively thinking within rounded ones.


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  1. John Mash says

    I wanna pre order the Mac Max X+!??

  2. Sum boi says

    2:10 Apple 2017 till the end of time

  3. Praneeth Kannegolla says

    2:25 There is only one true God a square and a circle had a son and he is our saviour .. sharp corners are devils horn's say 3 are rounded in 10 of our boxes and should be cleansed of the sin of stealing Android lol?

  4. Praneeth Kannegolla says

    After so many days .. college humour again..back to your signature..viedos of apple I am relieved..haaaa

  5. Juho Nikula says

    Fun fact: "Rounded box" was said 32 times in this video

  6. RainAngel111 says

    Is iOS 14 really just widgets?Android had this forever

  7. NorthMountainFairy says

    THANK GAWD!!!!! I have been saying for years I need more rounded boxes in my life!!!!!!!

  8. beeg yoshe says

    I want the Mac Mac X+!?

  9. realgabreal says

    I have a joke about apple but its too edgy.

  10. NoWLB says

    I like the part when they show rounded boxes!

  11. Rushil Koul says

    Man, this is such cutting edge technology!I'll see myself out.

  12. Toast says

    So widgets on a Samsung?

  13. Michelle Lee says

    Honestly this is the same as the UI model in my first smartphone (it was Glxy Note 1), now my current phone (Note 8) is more similar to ipod touch ios… did they switch place or what..

  14. Ziyad Muhammad Imani says

    Who else realizing that the Butterfly image on the Apple Watch in 1:44 is the same as on the Samsung Galaxy Fold Advertisement?

  15. Rafa Eterna says

    trying to make a satyr and ended up making a good looking UI/UX

  16. Rebecca N. says


  17. nword boi says

    Be there or be square

  18. Earl Co says

    This is why the iPhone 6S was my last iPhone. I still love Mac though.

  19. Slapshot Jack says

    Apple: we couldn’t get you anything for iOS 14 this year so we got you these rounded boxes Apple fans: 😀

  20. Amy Gamis says

    The great thing about the watch is that you can cheat on test with it

  21. Eridan Arbour says

    Gotta round the corners so nobody hurts themselves on the !

  22. Emanuel Hmingropui says

    Haven't seen this kind of video from CH from a long time, and I always loved these kind of videos

  23. Spom's Maghetti says

    That is actually a very good video

  24. IHaveHands says

    so uhhhhh, android?

  25. You Mu says

    this promotional vid for iOS 14 is amazing wow

  26. Isaacs Random Videos says

    sadly accurate

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