iOS 14 Official Review!


iOS 14 Official Review! Hello all and welcome to this official review of iOS 14. In this episode we will breakdown the entire iOS 14 update and help you understand all the new features that you will be getting with this iOS update for your smartphone. The intentions of this video is to equip you with the knowledge you need about the new iOS 14 features to help you better use the new software. Apple iOS 14 is available for all phones that ran iOS 13 including phones such as iPhone 6S. Apple iOS 14 features some neat features like App library, All new widget interface, updates to Apple health, voice memos, maps, siri, carplay, and much more. If you have downloaded iOS 14, please consider sharing your experiences with the community down below in the comment section of this video and anything that I might have missed in this video 🙂 As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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Introduction 0:00
All new widgets 0:39
App library 2:10
Compact design 3:25
iMessage updates: 3:58
Search for emojis: 4:23
Memoji updates 4:48
Map updates 5:26
Picture in Picture 6:17
App clips 6:47
Translate: 7:06
Siri updates: 7:43
Search updates: 8:13
Home App/Automations: 8:29
Safari improvements: 8:43
Weather improvements 9:15
AirPods improvements: 9:35
Privacy features updates: 10:03
Accessibility features 10:46
New App Store update/arcade/apple cash:11:37
Camera and video updates: 12:12
Updates to FaceTime video: 12:57
Files sees some upgrades: 13:04
Photos app updates : 13:20
Apple podcasts: 13:29
Reminders 13:43
Setting default apps: 13:55
Apple health updates: 14:09
Apple Notes updates: 14:40
Apple Music updates: 15:06
Apple voice memos updates: 15:41
Performance 16:08
Conclusion, should you download: 16:17


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  1. Nick Ackerman says

    iOS 14 Official Review, in this video we cover the official features for iOS 14, in this video I use the GM build to showcase everything you need to know about what's included in the official launch software for iOS 14! Share your thoughts, takes, and experiences with the all new iOS 14 and enjoy iOS 14! 🙂

  2. ABDUL HALIM says

    Hello really fantastic. Thank you so much. But I can’t find messages reply, video on screen. Will you help me please?

  3. Chuckie Latte says

    I have iphone 7, and i'm scared to update ios 14 🥺🥺. Because when i update ios 13 last month. It becomes overheat bruh

  4. Danny Ron says

    wow my ios 14 update was around 4GB more

  5. Hammad Imran says

    I didt not received mirror camera option in my iphone X 😞

  6. Kerbecs says

    My Siri didn’t seem to get an update. I’m pretty sure it got smarter but the interface and the new design of Siri isn’t on my phone I have an iPhone 11 too. Help ?

  7. Reaperszs says

    I like the picture in picture feature most :))

  8. Vina Rose Café says

    How to do that picture on picture?

  9. JustUploads says

    What an inferior quality of audio. Won't even watch through.

  10. shabil mohammed says


  11. Pubg Gaming Model Car making Kyle Bartlett says

    I swear if I update my phone and it messes up again I’m am not going to be pleaded

  12. Debojyoti Sarkar says

    Slowly both android and ios are getting similar

  13. Rhett Burch says

    Thank you! Thorough description without superfluous sidebars. Very much appreciated.

  14. LYS says

    My concern is the Battery consumption in IOS14 , anyone ?

  15. Elijah says

    can anyone say how it affects the battery health (given you haven't installed the beta before getting this update) ?

  16. kateee says

    it’s lit

  17. Roger E Smith Jr says

    Area gets off work on Tuesday some people you don’t get software like this iOS 14 GM do you know how long it takes them out on my feet my software on nine iphome 10 x do you know how on demo this thing on Tuesday all day long 4 Hr demo software on my team iphom 14 GM

  18. heybibi says

    Did yall backup your phone before updating to ios 14????

  19. afseeraziz aziz says


  20. Wwwwwwww says

    How do you get to the AirPod thing

  21. TalkItOutMcC says

    I’m guessing I’m the only one who’s phone doesn’t have it yet?…..sadness

  22. Mikey Lejan says

    I am still using an Iphone 6s plus as my first ever iphone

  23. Tim Wesley says

    I think there’s a glitch in the apple music app because when i listen to music, that cover art background is not working

  24. Jan Jan says

    New ios and the battery dies faster,and the phone works slowly after every update…

  25. Armin Sedaghat says

    The size iz 2.5 gigs on Iphone se 2020. Why?

  26. Lester Lopez says

    Help! After I updated my 7 Plus to iOS 14, a thin horizontal line appears across the screen when I’m in the Photos app regardless if it is on landscape or portrait mode. The line disappears however when I am not in the Photos app. Does that have anything to do with the software update?Thanks in advance.

  27. Clint Eastwood says

    it drains the battery hella fast…

  28. Hello says

    That looks not like iphone anymore😔

  29. Vysakh Sukumaran says

    How’s the performance and battery holding up after the update?

  30. Elicel Nicole says

    i dont have the airpods option (i have airpods) how do i fix this :((

  31. Rinchen Tsering says

    DotA 2 logo now apple news

  32. Rinchen Tsering says

    iPhone se 2016 gang.. whea you at?

  33. dokter post says

    Iphone 7+. Dont have miror camera

  34. A Arjith says

    ANYONE PLEASE ANSWERCan we use back tap and long press on any app for menu in Iphone SE And XR?Also which phone is he using in this video?THANK-YOU FOR READING MY COMMENT!

  35. Y.R says

    This is what Samsung looks like. Is nothing new, I’m disappointed

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