iOS 14 on iPad – 40+ Best New Features & Changes in iPadOS 14!


iOS 14 on iPad – 40+ Best New Features & Changes in iPadOS 14! | iPadOS 14 Beta 1 Released – What’s New Review

iPadOS 14 Beta 1 was just released and in this in-depth video, we cover over 45 new features & changes on the iPad & iPad Pro!

These features include redesigned home screen widgets, Scribble, Universal Search, Apple Pencil improvements, a redesigned Siri, AirPods features and much more!

iPadOS 14 beta is currently available to developers & will be out to public beta testers in a couple of weeks! It’s compatible with all iPads able to run iPadOS 13!

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Widgets
2:10 Universal Search
2:39 New Siri Look
3:12 New Markup Options
3:50 Scribble
8:59 Emoji Popover Menu
9:18 Sidebar in Default Apps
9:56 Files
10:39 Small Incoming Call UI
11:19 Privacy
13:22 Safari
14:48 AirPods
15:47 Music App
16:56 Messages
17:23 Home
17:46 Other Small Features
20:45 Conclusion

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Favorite feature in iPadOS 14? Mine is definitely Scribble!

  2. Simply Pastel says

    I’m literally downloading it right now. I just don’t want my iPad to break

  3. active285 says

    Widgets are not "less exciting" – what the iPad gets is ridiculous and useless. I was so eager to finally being able to properly use this gigantic iPad home screen for more than just a grid of stupid icons. More than disappointing to be honst…In addition: there is no app library nor the possibility to hide home screen pages… meaning basically all the amazing new iOS features are missing on the iPad. Why?And what's the logic behind this? // small screen = huge widgets; large screen = no widgets.

  4. That Guy says

    Cool video. But do you think the bad handwriting of almost everyone alive is due to computers since we rarely actually physically write anymore??

  5. Christopher Louie says

    How do you have the Weather App widget like the ones on iPhone? I have to download another weather app but it isn’t the same compared to iPhone’s weather app

  6. Fernanda Tockus says

    That was a rectangle, not a square.

  7. Rich Suiters says

    Would be really great to have the option of a top/bottom split view when in portrait orientation… Especially on the iPad. The number of times I have been watching YouTube and I can’t get a decent size video If I teurn it to portrait, it’s still left and right split.which makes the video even smaller. What do you think?

  8. Chef Regg says

    I’m a pencil person. Great for me.

  9. jean marc Giroux says

    Will this stuff work with any stylus or just the pencil?

  10. Krzysztof Rynkiewicz says

    I dont have scribble toggle…

  11. Lee Squires says

    Pretty sure if you draw a shape and then hold the pencil where the shape ends for a moment, it’ll convert it to a perfect shape.

  12. Konvet05 says

    Bro I just bought the iPad Pro 2020 12,9 inch and I don’t risk to download the beta I will wait for the original update for my iPad ,iPhone

  13. Rixzey says


  14. Gadget Cult says

    Is there any toggle to turn on safari website translation? My ipad running on ipad os 14 public beta doesn’t show an option to translate the page from that safari AA button

  15. Gadget Cult says

    Is there any toggle to turn on safari website translation? My ipad running on ipad os 14 public beta doesn’t show an option to translate the page from that safari AA button

  16. Pete GAMER says

    Btw…. Ipad needs to slow down their processors as they have a massive chip and focus on the battery life which is good for a tablet to do high performance and have a good battery life that way theres goona be no way to beat the ipad pro in terms of performace and battery life this is the only request for apple. THANKS

  17. VIRAL TOP 10 says

    Very nice! We just released our top 10 list for iOS 14 features on our channel. Let us know what you think!

  18. Zacharie Chiron says

    Did anyone find how to use 'Bedtime' in Clock on iPadOS 14? From my searches, it seems like the feature was removed (whereas on iPhone, it was moved to the 'Alarm' tab in Clock). I've already sent a feedback to Apple to ask them to put it back, because this is a strict downgrade for no apparent reason. And 'Bedtime' was an important feature health-wise for people who used it as it helps to regulate sleep. So I urge everyone else who is on the iPadOS 14 to send a feedback to Apple as well – if many of us do it, Apple is more likely to listen.

  19. Don Thorvund says

    Thank you for a great video. I took the leap and tried my first Public Beta on my IPad Pro 12.9 First Gen. This is not my primary iPad and has plenty of storage (512G). My “other” storage was nearly non-existent before the install. After install it was 118G, now it is 125G. I still have plenty of space and was expecting a crazy high amount to be used by other. My question is, when the newer Betas or the Public Release come out, will my iPad adjust and the space be cleaned up or will I have to completely restore the iPad to free up the space?

  20. pablomanc says

    I don’t have the translate option in the AA Dropdown

  21. cikna 007 says

    This works properly tried it writing with an Apple Pencil 🙂

  22. MARVEL vs DC says

    Is it available to iPad 7th gen 2019

  23. AKIL says

    Can you use scribble without the apple pencil and a different pen?

  24. AKIL says

    Lol he showed his apple Id 19:41

  25. Calum Brown says

    It seems like Pub Beta has dropped translate in Safari.

  26. Orlando Santos JKD says

    Soy el único pendejo que habla Español :v

  27. Diane R. Kulik says

    You did a great job explaining the new features! Only 2 issues I’ve encountered was wring a URL in notes! I couldn’t get the line to show up so I can tap it and go to the website. Also, how do I get lyrics in my music app? Other than my lack of knowledge, Awesome video!

  28. XxETERITYxX ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says

    Im lucky. Thank god my ipad air 2 is not working or else i would really want ipados 14 rn but for now im usin my old ipad which is 2012 version

  29. Amarpreet says

    Anything on using Apple Pencil in iBooks ?

  30. F74082028杜孟聰 says

    I wish they could extend that scribble feature to allow quick scribble anywhere on the screen. Sometimes when I'm taking a course online, I want to be able to do a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation and don't want to pull up a note because i'd have to manually delete the work later.

  31. F74082028杜孟聰 says

    5:04 "ni…" I see why you wanted to erase it 😉

  32. MALSfruitloops says

    Hi used my apple pencil to write this comment had some -'trouble:

  33. MALSfruitloops says

    :,) screams in low storage

  34. bughu says

    It’s start to look like windows 10??

  35. Kaab Rustam says

    Safari translator is not working in germany,,,,, any idea when it will start working?

  36. Bick February says

    Thank you

  37. NTH THN says

    no widget on the home screen on iPad? Sounds just right with the tiny control center too. Great design.

  38. Niño Piamonte says

    it’s a free screen real estate

  39. JT Williams says

    *Pulls out second iPad 11 pro

  40. Divano Agassi says

    That poor person with that phone number probably got a lot more calls lately

  41. Rose 22 says

    9:17 what if its just a Bluetooth keyboard will it still work?

  42. A B says

    Can’t see Stephen A’s face without hearing his voice.

  43. Rita Valente says

    Siri is not working well, as it used before. Air 2

  44. isabeauontiveros says

    Oh no! I just ordered a new iPad because of the new app library and widgets ??

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