iOS 14: Top Hidden Features


Apple revealed iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 last month, including many of the biggest new features for our iPhones that we can expect to look forward to once iOS 14 is released to the public this fall. In this video, we’ll explore the top hidden features of iOS 14 that Apple didn’t mention on stage!

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  1. Jaiden Swett says

    How do you think the original iPhone would run iOS 14

  2. Jaiden Swett says

    How do you think the original iPhone would run iOS 14

  3. Jaiden Swett says

    How do you think the original iPhone would run iOS 14

  4. Jaiden Swett says

    How do you think the original iPhone would run iOS 14

  5. tundrav8georgia says

    I have iso 14 love it

  6. Morgan Wragg says

    Do Not Disturb duing bedtime is present in iOS 12, maybe it's got some new aspects in iOS 14 though.

  7. Marcelo Andrés says

    Just use another song already!

  8. Christopher Tuckwell says

    Who cares about ios14

  9. shantanu bhattacharyya says

    Please create a video about battery gate issue. Lol

  10. ArandomArsenalPlayer says

    I’m loving the beta

  11. Randall Slater says

    Do not like that sound recognition feature, can it be turned off entirely?

  12. Ramón Felipe Brena Pinero says

    Please put your voice in the video!!! If I wanted to read, I’d read a PDF or webpage…

  13. CoolRyan’s Cool Things says

    What happened to the Nintendo Switch controller support?

  14. Natoru’s Emporium says

    Will iPod touch get these?

  15. ahruen kochi says


  16. Bloxplayer YT says

    The IPad 5 is at its max software, which is 13.5.1 iOS so it can’t go up to 14 iOS

  17. Gino Guillermo says

    Hi Can you now completely turn off Bluetooth? Does it now have built-in equaliser under settings? Can you set an MP3 song as a ringtone without using iTunes or Garage Band?

  18. WinnerMatt11 says

    1:07 Don't we already have that camera feature?


    i hope that the camera quality will improve on iOS 14


    I always keep my iPhone 11 up to date but i never use it. What i meant is im not always using my new iphone 11. im always in the MacOS ( im using macbook air). If the iOS 14 will be out i will update my iPhone to the latest software but i will not use it XD. sounds stupid right?. Well the macbook has a larger screen than the iphone that is why i always use it to watch youtube videos like this.

  21. NoLimitsMC says

    Thanks for not sponsoring that video

  22. Tim appIe says

    me expIaned

  23. SinamonePlayz says

    i personally think android is better

  24. Max stock says

    Honestly,I'm thinking of switching to apple,I've had android for 8 years but they are giving me a lot of problems especially Samsung

  25. Elichi Desi Now Starting 50 Subscribers Goal says

    Make a video why macOS is better than windows

  26. Soul Index says

    Wasn't FaceTime Eye Contact removed from iOS 13 because of complaints? Is the iOS 14 variant different from its predecessor?

  27. Shinji Ikari says

    Two sets of airpods on apple tv is a super win for me

  28. LeonSora says

    Can you make a video on why apple is killing force touch for the apple watch?

  29. IAN JENN GUIRIT says

    Omg i want that❤️❤️

  30. Sax Spy says

    things android has had forever…

  31. colby says

    The change video format one, I swear you could do in iOS 13, am I wrong?

  32. Ranbir Bhatia says


  33. Paulster TV says

    There were a few features i didnt know before

  34. Simeon Rogers says

    Not hidden but new features. Smh

  35. Cliff Porter says

    Glad to see more control over privacy features. Icon for when the camera or mic is active, also still allow some location services without precise location. Now you can see which apps are activating the camera/mic when you don’t think they are (like Facebook is notorious for doing).

  36. Turhan Riddick says

    nice powerpoint

  37. Martin Grant says

    Is it only me , I can’t seem to read the small writing ?

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