1. Alpha Black says


  2. Sedew says

    4:12 predicting the future

  3. NitrousGranola says

    4:00 >”maybe they could make a wearable”little did he know later that year…

  4. Rambo BsM says

    Ios 14 just announcedYoutube:ios 8 impressions!

  5. I'm a good guy says

    YouTube recommendation strikes, once again.

  6. N S T says

    apple: releases ios14youtube:lets recommend ios8

  7. Michael John Pediglorio says

    Watching this after you uploaded your iOS14 video! 😀

  8. Lars Martin G. Risdal says

    Thanks based YouTube algorithms for the recommendation. Very cool.

  9. Anif Ekmal says

    I know you clicked newest first … If tht's true , then you might be one of the chosen one to get this on your recommended *wink

  10. Mya Tree says

    2020 ??

  11. Rodrigo C says

    Very nifty.

  12. anfas ahamed says

    Nobody : Absolutely nobody : YouTube : can I suggest u this video ?

  13. Shan Mitch says

    Here in 2020 definitely should do another video showing this

  14. Fihri Abdellah says

    U didn't searched this , this searched u

  15. Alex Anjelo says

    2020? Anyone?

  16. The Computer says

    Anyone else getting recommendations for these 5 year old youtube videos

  17. Ryan777 says


  18. Sanjeet says

    This just got yeeted into my recommendation

  19. Luke says

    Lol hangouts

  20. Winfried says

    Not impressed with the feaures

  21. Andres Mendez says

    iOS 12.2 sucks bruh

  22. Wesley Dechavez says

    Youtube recommendations brought me here once again

  23. Mohamed Amine says

    Wa khlouch hhhhhh

  24. RISHI asija says

    Damn! 2018!

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