iOS Development: How to get started


Check out my other video on an introduction on how to use Xcode:

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?KrakenDev (iOS Blog with tutorials):
? (iOS Blog with tutorials):
?Natasha Murashev (iOS Blog with tutorials):
? (iOS Blog with tutorials):

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Mayuko Inoue is a full-time content creator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a second-generation Japanese American from San Diego and worked for six years as a Senior iOS Software Engineer in Silicon Valley companies like Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix. Her online content aims to help people find their way through the tech industry and life, through lifestyle, career, and tech advice videos by talking about topics such as imposter syndrome, cultural identity, and emotional vulnerability.

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  1. Bucky Barz says

    Video starts 2:13

  2. Daniel Dianati says

    Solo learn is a great website to learn Swift

  3. PRO SKILL says

    I use

  4. prod.KashKari says

    I swear bruh I click “.” After one variable and get pages and pages of methods like chill fam I don’t know what all these do

  5. Ethan Halfhide says

    This is awesome! Just subscribed!

  6. Omer says

    Hacking With Swift is also great resource and it is completely free

  7. Abhinav L says

    Hi Mayuko, I really appreciate how much effort you put for us for someone is interested getting into IT sector. I had one question. What is your opinion on Flutter? I know that Flutter allows to develop apps for Android and IOS at the same but naive apps are always better. I just asked for better guidance. Again, thanks for all the effort you put for us.

  8. Antonio Reepeecheep says

    Hello ? I want learn iOS.Should I buy The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 6th or wait for 7th?

  9. Hein Khant Zaw says

    Hey Mayuko, it was a great recommendations for iOS development. Currently I am reading App Development with Swift from Apple. Before that I read Intro to App development with Swift from Apple. Can you tell me your perspective and opinion on that book, "App Development with Swift"? or Anyone else?Thank you so much

  10. Falcon Club says

    i ❤️u

  11. Cher Lin says

    What language do need to learn for iOS developer?

  12. Learn TheNew says

    mayuoko thanks to sharing the websites to learn i know only C-programming can i start the IOS App Development or need any pre-request skills to start learning IOS App Development.@LearnTheNew

  13. Henry Diaz says

    Hey Mayuco, i love your videos!..
    what do you think of react native?

  14. Mukti Ram Rijal says

    Hi Mayuko, you are always inspiring.. Hope to watch lots of videos from your channel !! Lovely ..

  15. big blunts says

    I need help with my app, I'm creating a app that helps drivers from uber,doordash,postmates .It allows drivers to all sign off in a area at one time forcing them to raise bonus money for the drivers once bonuses are set we start a countdown for everyone to sign back in to go back to work it's called power and control back to the people

  16. Philippe Rocha says

    Do you develop sofwares by using React Native?

  17. Jimmy Cheng says

    Wahhh you’re so pretty, love you already!

  18. Darshan Sibakoti says

    are u and cs dojo relatives????

  19. Eternity things says

    where do u work

  20. Magan Hassan says

    Newboston is a good youtuber to learn new programming languages like swift for iOS development. I recommend watching his videos.

  21. Db says

    Do you guys think Computer science field is totally based on intelligence and talent? ?…

  22. 李宗昱 says

    I'm jumping into this field just because of you!Your enthusiastic videos inspire me lots!Thank you and keep it up!

  23. Exodus fivesixfivesix says

    Isn’t this the girl in the iOS dev video?

  24. Zed B says

    Hey recently found your channel and am loving it so far!!! :)I notice you have a mac mini in the background any chance you could specify which one it is?Im thinking about buying a 2012 mac mini because its the only mac mini you can upgrade yourself

  25. Ritchell Panaguiton says

    hi mayuko . i really want to become a web designer and developer. do you have any suggestion to easy to understand coding bcoz i feel its hard to understand. thank you mayuko???

  26. cityofLAzy (ps4 broke) says

    Asian speaking fluent English. Intimidating. I'm not worthy

  27. Dew Time says

    Surprised you didn’t mention he Stanford course on iTunes

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