iPhone 12 notch, New iMac, iOS 14 Beta 4 and more


iPhone 12 smaller size appears to be confirmed, iPhone 12 batteries may be bigger than original thought, New 2020 iMacs may be coming soon, iOS 14 Beta 4 release date, iOS 13.6.1, Apple Glass and more. In this video I discuss the latest information on iPhone 12, iPad, Mac, and future Apple products and updates. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:08 – iPhone 12 5.4-inch
01:03 – iPhone 12 Notch
01:42 – Corning Gorilla Glass Victus
03:01 – iOS 14 Beta 4
04:15 – iOS 13.6.1
05:00 – New iPhone zoom lens?
05:39 – iPhone 12 Battery
06:34. Braided iPhone 12 cable
07:22 – New iPad mini
08:13 – FaceID on MacBooks
08:57 – New 2020 iMacs
09:53 – Apple Glasses
10:40 – Security research program
11:28 – Apple environmental
11:59 – Conclusion
12:06 – Wallpaper
12:18 – Outro
12:38 – End
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  1. zollotech says

    When do you think iOS 14 Beta 4 will be out? In this video I talk about iOS 14 Beta 4, iOS 13.6.1, iPhone 12 leaks, and much much more. Thanks for watching!

  2. Robert Dieter says

    I don’t want the smaller size! I like the 6.1 size of the iPhone 11. I also don’t want to pay more per month for a larger phone???

  3. Vikas KP says

    I just hope there’s oled display for the 5.4 inch and a Matt finish !

  4. Wayne Buffin says

    I’ll be honest with everyone the battery life on the iPhone 11 is the best we will get

  5. 2wheelphoto says

    In the face id macbook thingy…I just want to be able to use my face or fingerprint as soon as it boots instead of typing it in, because I don’t leave my computer running unless I am using it

  6. Jones Richard says

    I recommend you to hackzwalker on IG he his legit and he help me out when i was in need.

  7. M S says

    I wish they would just put two front facing speakers and do away with this notch crap. Two narrow spaces on either end would make way for a better sound experience and a front facing camera for the neurotic selfie obsessed.

  8. Tim R. says

    Apple Definitely won''t get rid of the iPhone SE. 100%.The SE is not just for people who want a small phone. It's for people that want an iPhone that's cheap, for people that like the previous design and the homebutton with TouchID. It's not just the size.Also Apple would never stop selling a phone only 5 months after they announced it.

  9. Mumble. The Owl says

    Apple in July: Moves Big Sur Public Beta to August Apple in August: Moves Big Sur Public Beta to September Apple in September: Moves Big Sur Public Beta to the year 2037

  10. Nigel KA says

    I'm only a recent subscriber but what an informative and really engaging channel this is. Thank you for all the hard work that goes in to these videos.?

  11. Ravedaze says

    Was never a fan of the notch but since I’ve had the pro max for a while it hasn’t really bothered me, so the reduction in the notch is a good sign ?

  12. Veeroji Adithya says

    Hi greetings of the day.I am using iPhone XR .I have an issue that my iPhone is getting hot while I am using.Is it normal issue or abnormal issue.How to fix it .?

  13. alexis reyes says

    999$ for whats update from iPhone 11 ? Or just the name called iPhone 12 ? ??

  14. gaylon747 says

    Ipados14 beta3 has been a nightmare for me. I have the Apple magnetic cover and if I don't use my iPad for awhile when I open to use EVERY app freezes . I have to reboot to get them to work! God, I hope Apple releases an update soon.

  15. リバイアライアン says

    Rumors are saying it will releases in September 8th for iPhone 12.

  16. Dash Basha says

    The most thing that i hate about iphone is the notch They should work on that

  17. Dennis W says

    I don't think the SE will go away this soon. They just brought it out. It is serving a different customer base. The flagship phone will have more abilities

  18. Amuri Ali says

    any news for the iPad air 4

  19. João Pedro Andrade says

    iOS 14 public betas surprisingly haven’t been buggy for me at all. I mean there are a couple of one with on home screen widgets, buts all I’ve been able to realize so far, and also having issues with Home Screen widgets is something that was seen to be coming, cause it’s an implementation of a new feature, of course it’s going to have problems

  20. swellest loki says

    i am a small display phone person. Still use my iphone se 2016. personally i dont like 6.5 inch smarphones. carrying them is a burden for me. i hope they are making this full screen 5.4 inch body design. it will be perfect and what people were expecting in newer iphone se

  21. Just a random User says

    Oh no i NEED a 4th beta this beta 3 is way way buggier than the two previous ones and i cant stand it

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