iPhone User Switches to Android for 3 Weeks Straight! (OnePlus 8)


My girlfriend has been a life-long iPhone user (6 years now) and has never switched to any Android device ever. This month I changed that by having her using the OnePlus 8 for almost a month straight. Here are her thoughts and experiences! Enjoy!

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  1. J. Bermillo says

    widget pack ?

  2. Toure M says

    She seems really depressed after the switch. Can you blame her?

  3. Rizwan Ali says

    She looks like Jesse lingard.

  4. Swaggy Toast says

    I hate iphones but you can dismiss all the apps with a 3 finger swipe it's still kinda annoying but it's there

  5. LAYTON MUSIC says

    Why didn't you use the one plus 8 pro, it has better battery, camera, refresh rate, waterproof, wireless charging, like what more could you want. She's being a Karan complaining about the size of the phone, noone really cares

  6. Donald Moore says

    Try the s10e. Screen is flat and it is small.

  7. Permeet says

    I feel like the s20 cloud pick would be perfect for her cuz is small.

  8. Permeet says

    I like how celestina is actually give it a honest try?

  9. Ridwan Olisa says

    Should've given her a regular s20. And nearby sharing has been out for a month or so

  10. Ridwan Olisa says

    Don't people say the camera on the 8 pro is better than on the 8?

  11. I Am DeAdsHoT says

    I love that ?

  12. Gus Bus says

    One Plus is a great android phone for IPHONE users to try Android on

  13. nitish kumar says

    notification delay is big problem in android one phone I am facing. It is a problem with anyone or is just on android one? 2. anybody use brightspace PULSE app the D2l?

  14. Melvin Freeman says

    KaPow⚡️! Very interesting ???!

  15. 5e6 Julian HADDAD says

    Iphone has a worse battery life despite having 60hz and oled

  16. Aditya rai says

    is it XS or Max

  17. Phlm says

    One thing I would ask her is: what did she think about the home screen from Android. Because that's a point that's always brought up when comparing both

  18. Tatiana Iselle says

    My first smartphone was the first iPhone that Steve launch on 2008, this year I was deciding between iPhone 11 or SE or the OnePlus 8. Let me tell you I think I made a good decision with Oneplus 8 really love the phone and the battery last

  19. Daniel Mills says

    Apple is good for DUMB people.

  20. Luke Laro says

    This video was awkward

  21. Charalampos Kounes says

    Am I the only one who thinks swiftkey>gboard?

  22. 3165dwayne says

    What was she doing down there…

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