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Travel video about destination Iran.
Iran, formerly known as Persia, is a land of magical splendour, ancient architecture and Oriental hospitality. Tehran has been the capital of the Persian Empire since 1795. Founded by Mohammed Aga Khan it is a vibrant place that ranks among the most densely populated cities on Earth. Its biggest transformation in its recent history was due to religious leader, Ayatollah Khomeyni, who in 1979 established the Iranian Republic, a theocracy within the teachings of the Koran. The Saad-Abad Palace complex was the first summer residence of the Qadjarian kings. Following several extensions, from the 1920’s eighteen palaces were used by Reza Shah Pahlevi and his family. The city of Kashan prospered under the Safavid, Shah Abbas The First, who designed the Bagh-E-Fin Garden according to a model of a Persian paradise garden. Outside the city, the settlement mound of Tepe Sialk uncovered finds that can be traced back to the seventh millennium B.C. At the time of Shah Abbas, Kashan was fortified with a double city wall that contained more than six thousand buildings, plus forty mosques and three Koran schools. The Koran Gate leads to the city of Shiraz, a city of love, roses and poetry. Famous Persian poets once lived here and created works of great beauty. Today their mausoleums are visited with much reverence, such as the Hafiz Tomb. For fifty eight years, Ionic stonemasons, Babylonian brick makers, Median and Egyptian goldsmiths, worked in Persepolis, they created what was an indelible symbol of the Achaemenid Empire. The highest level contained the royal residences with living rooms, a fire temple and harem. Iran is still a land of desert, palaces and mosques, a country that is timeless, captivating and historic.

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  1. Rina Katwal says

    Very beautiful ❣️❤️

  2. M says

    Pasargad is the tomb of Cyrus the great. The great king of Persia

  3. H Naj says

    He gives fake information Karim Khan wasn’t a Kurd he was lur from lurestan nothing to with Kurd or Kurdistan because the Kurd are Sony and lur are Shia

  4. itstheboss dontworry says

    It's beautiful Out of this world

  5. Alaide Altran says

    more beautiful country in the world,love people iranian,rich history,God bless!!!

  6. Steffanee Jurado says

    Persian music would have been nice.

  7. clarence spencer says

    dont you love the 'Arabic' background music?? They still cant tell the difference between the Iranian and the Arab (nor supposedly between the Chinese and the Japanese, for sure)

  8. atesa ariai says


  9. Jesus Escamilla says

    AMAZING country. Greetings from Mexico.

  10. MELT UP says

    I hope one day I could pray in all of Iran's splendid mosques. Iran, you ushered the Islamic golden age, which is why we are proud of you. Just not proud of your mullahs

  11. Anzay Warid says

    The background music in this documentary was too loud and intrusive. But this is a splendid survey of Iranian architectural heritage. The people of Iran are extremely friendly, hospitable and generous. The food is amazingly delicious and original. The classical poetry and literature of Iran is second to none. It produced Ferdowsi, Saadi, Hafez, Omar Khayyam and a host of others who have enriched countless lives and influenced other languages and literatures over the centuries. The bazars are bursting at the seams with amazing handicrafts, carved metal work, unparalleled carpets. clothing, jewelry and fabrics. The country's music and art and its history is amazingly deep. However it would have been immensely better without the Islamic Revolution which has suppressed the natural genius of the people for too long and isolated it from the rest of the world greatly.

  12. Nagender singh Bisht says

    Peace on iran and all

  13. jim crow says

    Mashallah. Land of Aryans.

  14. Karim Sidani says

    زراعة البلكونة

  15. zzz 1 says

    Western media doesn’t show this

  16. Akil Free Man says

    Beautiful Iran, I hope I could see Iran, one day. One day when things gets better ,and peaceful world, no violent world.

  17. ruru says

    Iran was taken hostage by Mullahs past 41 years . Free Iran. Free Iranian from this tyrranical regime

  18. TabbyAngel2 says

    Arabic and turkish music in the background:(( no Iranian music :(((

  19. TabbyAngel2 says

    Hamedan was called ECBATANA in ancient Persia. Hamedan was the name that the invading arabs gave to it.

  20. TabbyAngel2 says

    KARIM ZAND WAS LOR NOT KURD. If you want to mention the tribe then please say the right information 🙁

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