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Travel video about destination Ireland.
Ireland is one of Europe’s most green and mysterious islands and everyone who visits this isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean is given a very warm welcome. Dublin is the capital of the Irish Republic and it is a city of musicians, poets and dreamers, as well as being a financial centre. Its many old buildings indicate its long and dramatic past. It was founded by the Vikings within a wonderful valley where the River Liffey flows into the Atlantic Ocean. After the Vikings, the Normans conquered the city and ruled over it for seven hundred years and under King Henry The Eighth Dublin became the capital of what was then a British colony. South west of Dublin is Kildare, the heart of Ireland’s horse racing. In 1902 the Irish national stud, Tully House, was founded there. Rich and eccentric Scottish brewery heir, Colonel William Hall-Walker, had the idea of a creating unique horse breeding scheme that would be based upon astrological calculation. The Wicklow Mountains are a natural paradise of mountains, swamps and lakes, beautiful valleys and a fascinating mountain landscape to the south of Dublin. Jerpoint Abbey near Thomastown dates back to the twelfth century and is one of the most beautiful Cistercian ruins in Ireland. It was founded in around 1160 by Donal Mac Gillapatrick, the King Of Ossory. The Cistercians built the monastery in characteristic style and one of the stone sarcophaguses is said to contain the bones of Holy Nicolas who was buried there by the Crusaders. Although much of it has remained unspoiled, Ireland has undergone much change. It is a land of great natural beauty, healthy commercial success and excellent hospitality: a wild green island set in the wild Atlantic Ocean!

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  1. Patricia Yohn says

    Seems to me when I was in Dublin in 1996 that St. Patrick's Cathedral is Church of Ireland.

  2. Pavel Yakunin says

    The music in this video changes every few seconds which is a bit irritating

  3. Eliz Donovan says

    Too many adverts? ??☘️

  4. Justin Nathaniel says

    Glendalough has a huge visitors center, with parking lots big enough for full sized buses, and tourists all over the grounds, so it's not as quiet and serene as the video alludes to. It's built close to a lake which is lovely to stroll around but there's another large parking area with cafes and trinket shops on the opposite side of the lake. This video is a decent starting point for researching a trip, but do yourself a favor and jot down places that pique your interest and do your own research.

  5. Mohamed Azmerdeen says

    Welcome to Emerald Isle A fascinating story of Republic of Ireland in 50 minutes recoding by Expoza travel well worth watching. Sound quality design & BGM nice. Good narration with details added value to the video. Overall good production. ?

  6. caroline flanagan says

    The English ruling classes let the irish starve and treatd then worst than criminals 800 years of aggressive oppression

  7. caroline flanagan says

    Beautiful people, beautiful culture, beautful country

  8. Olivier Rodriguez says

    Fantastic production… wow. I love all those places… Thanks.

  9. Tom Johnston says

    Full of lazy, incompetent mistakes and clumsy. attempts to avoid mentioning Ireland's struggle to kick out the oppressive English.

  10. Shuriyana Shafie says

    i miss ireland…used to stay in limerick…

  11. Chris Lacey says

    As a Wexford man it's nice to see us there but surely Hook head should have got a mention over Rosslare harbour

  12. Chris OLeary says

    Tá an scannán seo sean. Tá íomhánna agus radharcra áille Ann, ach is cacamas an scéal. Nice scenery, crappy narration.

  13. Dante Angulo says

    Love from Ireland!!! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Lee Akers says

    I want to live in Ireland.

  15. Oscar Luis Rivas Muñoz says


  16. tigerspuds says

    I'm Irish born and reared. This is verging on comedy.

  17. DarkSwAn says

    Ireland is amazing i love her so much<3 My dad live in Irl and i wish back to Ireland 🙂

  18. Des Greene says

    Awful video — pronunciation is poor – Get a native person to do it !!! – its an attempt to base visits in Dublin – and leaves out half the country i.e the west north west and Northern Ireland . If you go to Ireland go west !!

  19. Maz Dela Cerna says

    really interesting! Love your work!

  20. sukesh kapoor says

    Interesting details.

  21. Adzie Hlupic says

    I'm trying to find the song at 14:44 with all my might, haha, anyone know it?

  22. WiseMan CAx says

    Dublin is a very beautiful Capital. I love Ireland. ?

  23. Wahyu Budi Santoso says

    i wish someone could bring me here, oneday… really love Ireland… ?

  24. Oliver Cromwell says

    What no bomb factories

  25. Marjorie Dieudonne says

    I would love to visit Ireland one day ??

  26. Saneman says

    The TOP Occult destination and self loathing , slave babies capital of EU.Google GANG STALKING

  27. Iqbal Ahmed says

    good but why you used music

  28. Fausto Cortes says

    jackseptickeye is from Ireland

  29. Asit Ray says


  30. Patel Manu says


  31. stoney71 says

    Wicklow is a county not a province

  32. dirtwaffles says

    Let's see, we've got (1) snooty English narrator (2) inane music (3) bad writing (4) false facts (5) frequent commercial interruptions, are you kidding me? (6) and how on earth could a video about Ireland be boring? That's almost impossible to do.

  33. zirioz says

    bad montage, bad narration, VERY BAD music background.

  34. B Tte says

    why do you want to leave place this beautiful for America?

  35. Selene Baptiste says

    I'm from the island Trinidad and I love Ireland. Does anyone wants to take me there??? lol

  36. Agrifotoz says

    Wholly inaccurate documentary…. awful

  37. jameswburke says


  38. EvtheNev says


  39. MrSinn says

    This is almost parody only its not funny. Glendalough is not glendallef. As someone else has said here 'too numerous to mention' the ridiculous errors that this video contains. I would highly reccommend not using Expoza Travel for any of your travel needs because you might book a 5 star hotel in Dublin but end up on a pub trail in Syria. Moronic

  40. Lovespitbulls says

    The narrator wasn't very factual but what's with all the ads????? Sheesh.

  41. colin gronow says

    Great video, visiting Ireland soon very helpful

  42. Hidden Ireland says

    Great video.I found this app really useful when traveling around Ireland.If you're interested in Irish heritage you should download it. you're going to Ireland you have to visit Kerry.

  43. Anthony Mullen says

    This has to be worst ill informed guides ever far too many mistakes , too numerous to mention.

  44. dasadopeboy says

    man who did the silly music on this one…

  45. Alessandro Gassman says


  46. colum bannon says

    Second, The river Liffey flows into the Irish sea, not into the Atlantic, which is on the other side of the Island. A golden 19th not 18th century  Has this guy being to Ireland or what?

  47. colum bannon says

    It is a pity he should have learned to say céad míle fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes) before making this video.

  48. govindarajulu - Kasturi says

    Great experience to see the land and sights of IrelandThanks to the teamGod blessKasturi G

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