Is Frank Lampard a failure if Chelsea don't qualify for the Champions League? | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf look at Chelsea’s 3-0 loss to Sheffield United, halting the club’s winning streak. Nicol pins the loss on the players, seemingly absolving Frank Lampard of responsibility for the defeat. Leboeuf says he doesn’t know where to begin with Chelsea’s loss, going down the list of players to call out their mistakes. The guys also look at Chelsea’s chances to finish in the top four after the loss.


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  1. JGM Editing says

    There’s no such thing as failure. It’s temporary feedback on an ongoing learning loop.

  2. Alex Balderas says

    This made me laugh!

  3. Mordecai Kalambo says

    I think this Stevie he knows that is United there are not going to play champions league, why was he talking about lampard what about other teams there's Jose, Brendan, and his United Manager ole. His lampard the Chelsea who needs champions league in premier league?

  4. Futbal & Games says

    lets start a petition to get Stevie a faster internet!!!

  5. Christos Souliopoulos says

    Oooph more quality commentary from ESPNWC. Whatever ESPN is paying for this "analysis" and conversation is too much.

  6. Dennis Hay says

    So we beat Norwich…..Stevie & Frank had salient points. I’m confident that we can still get Champions League next season. Bad day at the office that’s all. ?⚽️ COYB

  7. Joseph Ogbanje says

    But he will end 7th.

  8. Darren B says

    No..where was the signings in january

  9. Clement Siby says

    Dan right for the first time.. and predictably Nicol is harder on United than Chelsea. These hypocrites!

  10. Bharat Sharma says

    I love pundits defending lampard, all chelsea fans have the same opinion

  11. LuvJoyMuzik says

    In what capacity….?Its his 1st season bin EPL as a manager…….

  12. Amir Mekanovic says

    Good job host

  13. James James says

    Steve getting exposed by the host you love to see it

  14. Jolt Art says

    Frank became manager with little time, missing the best player, stuck with a transfer ban and forced to rely on a bunch of youngsters. People were saying he’d be fighting relegation, and here we are fighting for champions league! Even if we fall short this season was a huge success!Also Stevie is my favorite

  15. Anthony Nelson says

    "Only lost hazard" the only reason we got top 4 and got motm in the champions league final. Absolute clown, top 4 would be a massive success for Chelsea and even if we were just outside of it Lampard first season will be successful. (We are definitely getting top 4)

  16. Mogres Bokwe says

    They lost Eden Hazard and David Louis. That was huge and Ngolo Kante was injured for long. Even teams with the best players still buy a few more. Chelsea have done really well in this situation

  17. King of the Bridge says

    Sheffield have been one of the teams of the season with a great defensive u it and top keeper

  18. Matthew Kheyfets says

    I'm sorry but even thought I am a Chelsea fan, there is NO WAY that this match exposed Frank Lampard. This is complete bogus. Every single goal was nothing Lampard could train out of the players. First goal was not good enough from Kepa and our two cbs nowhere to be found and we know that every cb pairing we have tried has ended in disaster one way or another. Second goal….come on, silly defending by Willian and James and then the CBs again, nowhere to be seen. Now third goal…Mount just needs to kick that f ball away and besides that…Rudiger…what? I thought Abraham's "attempted" goal line clearance against West Ham was pathetic but at least the ball was bouncing awkwardly and he is a striker….Rudiger what are you doing? Literally passed the ball to a Sheffield United player inside the 18 yard box and you expecting with Kepa's sub par form to keep it out? Come on. How on earth is that Lampard's fault? He literally switched it up at half time and then played two strikers and you going to say it's exposing Lampard? The guy Beat Tottenham twice, beat Arsenal and drew 2-2 when that was total domination from Chelsea, beat Liverpool in the FA Cup, beat Ajax away, beat Manchester City in the league…I mean come on. It's is so clearly the players, particularly the back line, that is so poor. I mean our midfield is probably top 4, maybe top 5 quality right now. Our attack is probably top 4/5 quality as well with Pulisic in it. Our defense….it is potentially bottom 6 quality and frankly, I can't believe it. These players are all capable players. It reminds me of Liverpool's defensive disasters before they bought Van Dijk. We need a player like Van Dijk to organize that clueless defense and yes, can we please get a proper left? We complaining that we may get Ben Chillwell, but even he is an upgrade on Alonso and Emerson. Our attack and midfield is probably going to be extremely good next season already with Ziyech and Werner. But we need a LB and CB. Go for Havertz, more power to ya. Fund at least 2 out of the Cb, Lb, or Gk positions. Preferably all three. I don't care if Rudiger, Emerson, and Alonso, and Jorginho, even Kante, have to be sold. That defense can't win a title and frankly, we've let in so many goals out of sheer stupidity.

  19. mason clark says

    They're not even trying to hide their bias against United ??

  20. Paul Mclean says

    Chelsea have no defence bro

  21. El Santo says

    1st of all the Man City ban should've never been lifted. Its bullshit

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