Is Shayne Really a Football Superfan? | STAN VS INTERNET


Apparently Shayne is a football super fan (?!) so we decided to see who knows the most about the game: Shayne, our Stan, or Damien with Internet access.

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  1. Sarah Whittle says

    The chalk is no match FOR THESE MUSCLES

  2. tomer s says

    why stan?

  3. Teresa Lee says

    I like his John elway Jersey

  4. VivaLaVlogger says

    Smosh is the only thing getting me through this quarantine

  5. Makenzee Gooley says

    goooooo broncos!!! native coloradan here!!!!

  6. Jenalee McFadden says

    I'm from MD, so HUGE Ravens fan, but moved to CO a few years ago so also somewhat supportive of the Broncos (except when they're playing Ravens)

  7. Titanium Rodd says

    Shayne lowkey looks like drew locke with all that gear on

  8. German Vega Castro says

    "Dude all this time we talked about anime and video games, were you just faking that?" Hahaha

  9. Madi Dowdy says

    I love football, this makes me so happy

  10. Grace Lindsay says

    the fact that Shayne was both right abt who played in the super bowl and who won…..

  11. Final Asim says

    And now you make a video of Smosh WITHOUT Ian Hecox too????

  12. Bobthelemon says

    Do one with video games

  13. Matthew Young says

    Is he really a broncos fan thoo, he was going for the chiefs, i mean…….. afc west rivals

  14. Kyle Nguyen says

    This dude don’t know the difference between a DB to a LB

  15. gaog900 says

    "2 DB's that were traded mid season" shayne: oh yea thats bobby wagner

  16. SiickBruizer97 says

    You hurt me Shayne. The dolphins are on the rise lol

  17. Bruins Gaming says


  18. Aidan Little says

    Shayne is like a semi football fan, like he knows enough to keep him in a conversation between another semi fan but not enough to the point where he’d be lost with a die hard fan

  19. Crimson says

    Respect for the broncos gear

  20. Sarah Daniels says

    Go Broncos!

  21. Tom W says

    So you're telling me a supposed super fan doesn't know the easiest questions.

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