Is this a computer?


What’s a computer? With that simple line in a commercial, Apple infuriated everybody. In the premiere episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn asks why it sparked so many feelings. And also tries to answer the question. Subscribe:

Processor is a weekly YouTube show that takes a deeper look at how consumer technology is changing and how we should think about our gadgets as people, not just as users.

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  1. The Verge says

    Surface Pro vs iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro vs Pixelbook: which computer would you choose to be your only computer for the next couple of years? — Dieter

  2. Zaptowee says

    Windows 95 styled apps are the best, I'll never use Windows Store if there is an exe alternative.

    Also if I had to choose I would 100% go with a laptop. It's like a desktop but portable. Personally I would rather have Desktop + Laptop but I could get by with just a laptop if needed.

  3. Zaptosis says

    A computer is a poorly paying job where you're tasked with doing mathematical calculations in bulk. Likely uses are for accounting, & business management.

    Oh wait I forgot, it isn't the industrial revolution anymore.

  4. Albert Jackinson says

    The thing about the Surface Pro is full Office runs can be used well with a touchscreen. You also have Your Phone. I think it's easier to optimize apps for touch than to make apps from scratch built for touch, since you already have the app in the former scenario. And Microsoft really started this whole thing. Heck, the iPad now looks and behaves a lot like a Surface Pro. So I think Microsoft will be the winner here to bridge the gap.

  5. Andy M says

    Apple silicon: im gonna end this man whole carrier

  6. Judson Christudas says

    The Verge is not getting the point that "It's all computers" whether it's a Smart watch, A calculator, Desktop, Tablets. Everything is a computer.

  7. Ghislain Laframboise says

    Computer comes from the old french verb Computer which means to calculate. Funny thing everyboby now use computer to describe a computer but the french use Ordinateur e.g. a machine or person that put things in order.

  8. Jahid Sarkar says

    Apple in iPad adds……Computers SUX
    Also Apple: Introducing The All New, Our Most Powerful MacBook Pro 2020…..

  9. V M says

    Apple Ipod did to the mp3 player what hoover did to the vacuum cleaner.

  10. Deketh says

    why are they messing the concept computer with laptop i mean a laptom is a computer and an ipad is also a computer he is just talking about the differences of their OS that has nothing to do with them being computers or not.

  11. impendio says

    I need an update to this video, now with iPadOs 14 and the magic keyboard and Apple Silicon.

  12. Hillson Gaming says

    iPad would because of the probability also it's new I never tried an iPad

  13. Zackary Stewart says

    Pixelbook style of computer. You can make Linux pick up the stuff that doesn't work out of the box. Id miss the simplicity of windows or the extreme attention to detail that mac os apps have

  14. Aritram Mondal says

    What's a computer?
    Hope this day come soon.

  15. ASIF ARMAN says

    I hate apple products & apples as well.

  16. Misreble_Gamer says

    My youtube homepage : is this a computer?

    Me: what is a computer?

  17. NileshR12 says

    That "What's a computer?" line doesn't make sense now that they released the Magic Keyboard case that has a trackpad & basically makes it look like a conventional 2-in-1 hybrid touchscreen convertible

  18. Scotty Zepplin says

    I'll be honest, I would never pick any apple product as my products because even though they are great, there is simply no way to justify their prices over other products a fraction of their price than in some cases even blow them out of the park.

  19. Psychic_Esports says

    I bought the iPad Pro the second day it came out

  20. Vince Aaron Francisco says


  21. Arno Adam says

    Are desktops no longer considered computers?

  22. Thatdude Nik says

    What’s a computer? Not something you built.

  23. Aarush Tanwar says

    Dieter Bohn Please Make More And More Videos, We Love Your Way of Communication (Kind of) with us! Please! and Never leave The Verge! We Love U!

  24. flawedhypothesis says

    Thank you for these nerdy little considerations, and for making The Verge more than just a site that peddles tech products.

  25. oop says

    i got windows on my macbook pro

  26. Aakash Bisen says

    Imagine Apple adding MacOS to their iPad line up !!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. HAZOX says

    With the new iPad os, it's getting close to a 2in1 but it's still nowhere near an actual laptop, why else do you think apple themselves don't call it a 2in1 lol, all they say is of how it's FASTER and more PORTABLE than a laptop, but never that it's acctually one

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