Is Thomas Partey to Arsenal over? £26m offer rejected❌ Arsenal Transfer News



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    Over after 1 bid loool why didn’t u upload saying is sancho to united over after 98 mil bid ?

  2. casey strydom says

    Why are you so obsessed about Arsenal? Is it because you wanted Pepe and we bought him? Added to that, United are in the same boat since Fergie left, they have been no better than Arsenal.

  3. Suubi Sekwawbe says

    We just trying to see if they are interested in Guendouzi as w starting to offload him

  4. Bernard ampadu says

    Arsenal is one of the useless team. Getting Pepe for 72 and he is not really performing. Thomas one of the best midfielder in Spanish league and you want him for 26m wtf. Arsenal management are fucked up. They are only thinking about their income and not the out come of the team.

  5. Palmarius says

    Arsenal fans blaming Ozil for not signing Partey is hilarious ???

  6. Adam Millar says

    Terry tries to hide his bias but he can’t, listened for about 10 seconds then ended up just staring at his forehead ?

  7. Jackdaven99 says

    ?? completely unbiased opinions boys. Shall we talk about how you lot messed up with the Haaland transfer? Also, I can guarantee a player wouldn't be picking Spurs or Utd over us ?

  8. Springtrap Lover2010 says

    Arsenal are very lucky that Partay would be willing to sign for a club that has no guarantee of even Europa league football. 45 million is an absolute bargain who will make a huge difference to Arsenals chances of finishing higher next season.

  9. Paulo H86 says

    Love to know where he gets all his supposed stories from.. United signed sancho and Saul 6 months ago according to this shit channel ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  10. Citizen K says

    The way we've done business for many years is embarrassing but this is fair in my view! If it was just the £26M then yes that would be derisory but £26M plus Guendouzi adds up in my view, it must mean that they simply don't want the player!Arsenal does not have cash like UTD, Chelsea, City, etc…. So they are having to negotiate such deals & this is the first bid, negotiations start here. Is it great "no" clearly not but they're doing what they can with the resources they have in an over-inflated market!!!

  11. Rahul Jawale says

    Why would a player be interested in joining 8th point table club, especially any player coming from champions league. Why would he leave ?

  12. Christian Meneses says

    I could respect 35 plus guendouzi but 25 is a disgrace

  13. Longlive Mo says

    It’s an opening bid this is such an overreaction.

  14. S Rohit says

    Big clubs play hardball when the transfer fee is around and above the 100 million mark. Arsenal play hardball for a fee of 40-50 millions. levels!!

  15. iconoclast 1 says

    Arsenal are not serious!

  16. Ieuan Edwards says

    Love u terry

  17. Ch La says

    This is the only time I'll give advice to arsenal.Sell Guendouzi to Everton as they need midfielders, he's a good midfielder who doesn't fit Arsenals new system.Use the Guendouzi money to land Partey.The end.But, they won't ?

  18. Kevin Wrench says

    £45m for Partey, how come other top clubs aren’t biting Athletico’s hand off? Would love to see Partey at Man Utd. As much as I’d like to see Grealish in a Utd shirt, in my humble opinion CDM is a far greater need than attacking midfield. Matic has been great in the latter part of the season; in particular after he had a significant rest, but at 31 he can’t sustain that for a whole season so we need cover; or maybe Matic needs to be that cover for someone like Partey

  19. mixture of things mixture of things says

    Apparently we looking at the defensive midfielder from Porto I've a funny feeling he will be a flop.and the blame lies with Raul edu and the Kroenkes penny pinching as usual.

  20. William Ng says

    arsenal has ozil, united has sanchez, real has bale, barca has griezmann…. each big team has to have at least one overpaid leecher

  21. Ari Tuaine says

    Man arsenal fans are mugs guess I’m one too

  22. Abhinav Singh says

    This club has no shame!!!

  23. William Ng says

    zain's superchats alone can pay 1/2 of the transfer

  24. Foo Fung Loong says

    spot on Terry

  25. dan says

    This must be a joke right? We won’t sell Gwendouzi for that price yet we want Partey at this price? Jesus!!! We’ve lost it. Who runs arsenal?

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