ISHITANI – Making a Computer Desk


[Order No.1712_01 / Computer Desk]
wood :East Asian Walnut
3:35 Bamboo pipe(ABURATSUBO) contains camellia oil(Tsubaki Abura).

furniture maker / Natsuki Ishitani
video make&posting / Chie

「風のささやき」 by Yuli

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  1. Vincent Smith says

    Love watching these videos with 'Return of the Mack' playing

  2. jomsart says

    why did you use a pilot hole together with the tenon?

  3. Sjeessus says

    Beautiful to watch. Was just modestly surprised to pocket screws being used. Always reminds me of clumsy american woodworking.

  4. Leilee says

    Beautiful. Really beautiful work 🙂

  5. 621kingpin says

    What does he dip his chisel into at 3:37

  6. quiropterox Batman says

    teacher is very pleased to see how it works, thank you very much. Greetings from Oaxaca, United Mexican States

  7. Annalisa Kite says

    So clever! Love the precision and the detsils. Very satisfying.

  8. Brian Ruth says

    Each piece is clean and uncluttered yet has a presence of occupying a space. A master at his craft.

  9. j says

    At 7 mins I saw a fantastic craftsman use a pocket hole jig? That is a crime in Japan surely! Loved it all but that was a crime

  10. Tom Jan says

    With such desk you dont even need a computer 🙂

  11. hmingsanga hauhnar says

    Is that table saw a mod or u can buy off the market like that

  12. Jaza Craft & Art says

    Are you work alone in your workshop?

  13. serge Dezaphix says

    Magnifique Je regarderai des journées votre travail Je suis un admirateur un grand bravo Monsieur

  14. J Ujang says


  15. Jose Rodolfo Aguirre says

    Genial !!!!!!!

  16. Alfredo Santoro says


  17. ZEKİ TAŞER says


  18. One Punch Man says

    why's he wetting the chisel?

  19. James Bilof says

    Poetry in motion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dan Friang-Tannebæk says

    What kind of breed is that dog?

  21. OneHairyGuy says

    Not being critical, but maybe you or you wife could give an explanation or narrative of your work ??

  22. Saber Abdelhadi says


  23. papillon407 says


  24. harelhaim 1211977 says

    Just beautiful, true artist woodworker!! It's really shows in all your work that you put your heart in

  25. cbcalk says

    Beautiful design : )

  26. zel zelenburg says

    Парень, руки у тебя золотые! То, что так делаешь – это просто великолепно!

  27. stefano ricci says

    Che eleganza.

  28. tango tango says

    So beautiful

  29. Rafael G says

    I really enjoy your work thanks for cheering.From MEXICO Saludos

  30. Barrett Rogers says

    nichiban…. the best.

  31. Rob Phillips says

    What is going on here with the camellia oil?

  32. Garf Stiglz says

    I am in no way a master craftsman like yourself however may I suggest when making dovetails you cut out the majority of waste with a chisel.Might I suggest drilling the majority out and then finishing with a wood chisel, it may save you a little time.Just a thought and thanks for the videos, it’s great for people like me to be able to watch and learn your skills.

  33. kastel Pako says

    Высочайший уровень профессионализма! Вы супер!

  34. Vincent says

    Oookay. Instant subscription. Reminds me of watching my brother work. I'll show him your work

  35. Auf äX says

    Nice to see that you are using Kreidezeit Naturfarben products. Very good work!

  36. Himawan Awan1 says

    after peaceful cuisine and i found this, peaceful woodworking…really love japanese passion..

  37. Thomas says

    4:15 what is that type of machine ? Great job despite that ??

  38. tom thompson says

    great design.

  39. Jakub Sadecki says

    I thought that I would never see a Festool on this channel.

  40. rafaelveggi says


  41. Hugo Baccelli says

    el iman es una formidable detalle, genial.

  42. Myles Thomson says

    I find your channel very relaxing to watch. Thanks. What types of wood do you use?

  43. Anna-Lore Kowar says

    deine Arbeiten und Ideen sind großarttig!

  44. Surinder Singh says


  45. kightremin says

    The dog is looking for a new toliet..

  46. kightremin says

    Those wood boards sound like a dream.

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