'Israel to blame for ISIS' – Mahathir Mohamad (Sky News)


Former Malaysia PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad says the reason for the ISIS problem is Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and an overall failure to address the frustration with government. He appears in an exclusive interview with Adam Bolton on Sky News.

Recorded from Sky News, 18 Feb 2015.

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  1. Zul O Curran says


  2. ZP ZAP says

    Israel IS ISIS!

  3. Zac Zain says

    And we are proud that he is consistent with his view. Palestine crisis is beyond religion but it's humanity crisis. We are human and this is our crisis.

  4. R-Jay Franc says

    True indeed… see > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kGPbPnaZ4o

  5. Aizul Mastor says

    Superb. Can't stop admiring this guy

  6. WalkEFly 'Yt says

    he hate israil since he become minister & now its already 2 time still hate israil,, but why they malay people said he kafir,firaund & didnt like him,,

  7. Irony Alone86 says

    A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Matthew 7:18So many bad things done in the name of Islam yet people still call it the Religion of Peace.

  8. aspince laframboise says

    Isisrael is the NAZIONIST on the block eh… Ü

  9. What Are They Smoking says

    ISIS NEVER attacks Israel, because they are agents of Israel, trained to stir up trouble on Israel's behalf.

  10. YUSKHAN says

    Isis is the israeli secret intelligence services

  11. Atrose says

    And now 2018 this old man has return to be the prime minister of malaysia .. the world must be take care of it..

  12. Young Stalin says

    1:38 agreed 100%. SALUTE

  13. mifayed says

    Israel has no country. They stole Palestine country. They think they are innocent but they truly terrorist at all.

  14. fazil ismail says

    Western value want to make us carbon copy like them .mother can sex with son ,father can sex with daughter. Steal some body else land in the name democracy .can kill millions of innocent human biengs in the name of human rights . I am sick of this system . Quote from shashi tharoor .if you do not know your history how Will you know where you going to.

  15. Arthur Bond says

    islam created isis

  16. Josh Caz says

    oh yeah?!! mahatir is to be blame for the terrorism by military support and financing all terrorist group at Mindanao group of island in the philippines. fuck Malaysia

  17. ART DECO says


  18. NOAA14 says

    najib mana mampu bersuara mcm ni .

  19. Lam Par says

    Blame this race , that religion or another country, but not IS leaders and operatives, very typical of MM leadership style and mentality if one ever read his book, not surprising at all. Of course Israel shouldn't defend itself when attack by terrorists, they should say thank you.

  20. Udiandah Yunus says

    mahatir is always the best



  22. x iLLzYaz x eLijAH says


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