ISTANBUL: Safe for Female Travel? Affordable for Vegetarians!


This video is based on the initial days of my trip to Turkey. I stayed in Dongyang Hotel near Sultan Ahmet area in Istanbul for a few days. You will get an idea about the cost of a hotel or hostel in Istanbul in this video. I visited a supermarket called Sok in the Sirkeci area of Istanbul. I have shared the cost of things I bought from there. If you are also a vegetarian budget traveller like me, this part of the video would be helpful for you. I visited a souvenir shop near Sultan Ahmet called Ottoman Art in Sirkeci, bought some souvenirs from there. Thereafter I met some volunteers who help tourist visiting Istanbul. Watch the interesting conversation with the school girls about India, Bollywood, Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Indian soap operas like Utaran. They revealed some interesting things about their mother and grandmothers in this context 😉 I also visited a local mobile sim shop near Sultan Ahmet to find the cheapest mobile networks available in Turkey. Then you’ll watch interesting sessions with Turkish & Afghan fruit sellers and at the end, you will see me travelling in Istanbul tram to Kabatas for visiting Taksim Square. There also I met an interesting tour guide who helped me reach Taksim Square and understand a few basics about Turkey.
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  1. APLHA MALE says


  2. APLHA MALE says

    Luv ❤ TURKEY ??

  3. Zam 123 says

    My mum used to watch uttaran ??

  4. Mahmood Ahmad says

    I visited turkey.. Very beautiful country Must visit to see the sceneik of this country

  5. Irshad Pundir says

    Burak deniz my favourite actor turkeys

  6. Kabeer says

    12:47 Arabic Mai Suk Kehte Hai Supermarket, Market Etc

  7. Mannu YadavBM says

    India has so ghatiya Culture

  8. Mohammad Zulfequar says

    I have watched so many blogs about turkey, Turkish people very nice and helpful.. Love to visit instabul very soon..

  9. Indian Muslim says

    Europe ki mardka Bacha turkeyOttoman empire reinstall again IN Sha Allah

  10. Aitzaz Sharif Siddhu says

    Nice journey

  11. I love animals says

    Koy save nahi istanbul koy bi jaye ihtiat zaror karna maafia ka ghar hai istanbul

  12. ANONYMOUS says

    I'm learning Turkish. Teshkkuler edrim. I'm from INDIA.

  13. shabina ali says

    Qiyasattin ?

  14. Technical Ramjaan says

    Shah Rukh Khan ko toh sabhi jante hai

  15. Abdullah Khan says

    "travel on earth and see how God originated creation"

  16. shah fahad says

    Watching yout video in lockdown and I must say you deserve zillions of likes,,,I felt like roaming in those streets

  17. Nita Devre says

    Aapki vidio me famous spots nhi dikh rhe

  18. Fayaz Ahmad says

    Only india is unsafe for girls

  19. Ahmar Mansoor says

    Per kg he typed 13 u missed calculator.But u thought 33 😀

  20. Al Haadee Shamim says

    Police waala tha ya koi model …

  21. Mohd Shanib says

    Aapka mike sahi nahi hai yaar koi accha sa mike la lo ok

  22. shahi khas says

    वो अपना नाम गयासुद्दीन बता रहा था ।

  23. al hussain says

    Ladki ka diwana

  24. Afzal Hasan says

    Bro actually his name was gyasuddin??

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