It's The First Sunday Of Football Season!!! Let's Rip Some 2020 Prestige Football!


Happy Sunday All! Welcome to Week 1 of the NFL Season! In celebration of the first Sunday in the NFL Season, I decided to rip of 2020 Prestige Football! I am hoping to get my hands on some mosaic football this week to rip! Hope you all enjoy Week 1!

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  1. OLI-MOON Collectibles says

    Hope you all enjoyed! Make sure you hit that subscribe button and notification bell! FOOTBALL!!!

  2. MattDodgers 101 says

    Nice Pulls! My favorite card was Jeff Okuduh Rookie Card

  3. Michael Bird says

    Baker stinks up the place and case comes to the rescue!!!!

  4. Michael Bird says

    Browns baby

  5. lee jr says

    I am also a dolphins fan honestly i hope we wait as much as possible for tua to get in there. We had a good game couple of turn overs but its the first game

  6. Avid Atlanta Fan says

    Ravens look good

  7. Joey Roten says

    I hope green bay wins this year. I'm a big packers fan.

  8. Strikes and Spikes says

    Big Packers fan here!

  9. Darren Murray says

    Cowboys and Wilson did amazing

  10. Tyler C says

    Let goooooo!!!!

  11. Umstead Pines says


  12. Dave g says


  13. T C says


  14. ZippyPancake 64 says

    i sold the lamar hero on ebay for 23 dollars with the lamar card

  15. Sports Cards 24 Seven says

    It’s hard to believe it!! Football is here I’m so bummed cause my step dad and i cant watch are favorite the Buckeyes. Maybe big ten can get it together but not holding my breath. I love the NFL but I’m going to have to watch you’re videos to help me learn more about NFL cards and what to look for. I am more of a vintage football collector but this new product has made me excited to get back into collecting football again. I’m not going to get crazy but its a lot of fun and i look forward to more of you’re videos. I have been a big fan of you’re channel and I hope you can check out my channel and get into my Giveaway On Wednesday Night. NBA and MLB cards are getting given away. Have a good Sunday.

  16. Christopher’s Cool Cards 2 says

    Cool rip! Prestige looks pretty nice!

  17. anda bracken says

    football baby !!!

  18. Exotic Viper says

    AJ Terrell was one of Clemsons best CB's I would hold onto that rookie card you pulled

  19. Tim83 88 says

    That's what NFL players are fantasy

  20. Douglas Hutton says

    Becuase i live in canada i cheer for buffalo

  21. Jared Laudenbach says

    Those heroes actually go for good money.

  22. Bears Fury Real says

    Ollie are you pcing dolphin’s? Kole Kmet’s gonna be a stud you should to top load and sleeve him

  23. Mary Feuerhardt says

    I like that Devin duvernay wish I had that one

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