1. Zero Animations says

    Time-stamp: 7:54 im litterally laying on a couch ?

  2. CharlieChopCham says

    Gulch/GULCH! Um ??

  3. Rachel Shaw says

    So, Dan's probably not going to see this, what happens in he made a reaction to a reacting to old videos?

  4. Blue Robot says


  5. Tyler Gregory says

    i have watched dantdm nice i was ten i have watched every last video dan keep up the good work and hope i get to meet you one day

  6. POTATO LORD says

    Imagine calling your brother to ask him how to build a bridge….

  7. Max Warwick says

    This is a reupload 😐

  8. Neve Griffin says

    play anamal crossing

  9. Galaxy Wolf1200 says


  10. Baybot 19 says

    Can you please play a game called red dead redemption

  11. C Snider says

    Yep just throw it out and make more of what the idea was I’m not hating ❤️

  12. Theodore Wai says

    Hydraulics is still s thing in poly bridge 1

  13. Stephen Ware says

    Dan, player Plane Crazy on roblox.. your brain will hurt.

  14. Yah Yeeter says

    if you want to use nordvpn just use all the youtubers code for it so you get 4 free

  15. DeadSkillz says

    Wow I never knew the word "Help" would go with "Karen."

  16. Iqra Ahmed says

    since dan turned this into a rage game I expect everyone wants a part 2. Who else thinks?

  17. Bacon King says

    ??? tuturiol gangggggyyyy ladioooos

  18. KitsuneKitYT Gaming And More says

    Day 5 Of TRYING to make DAN say: "Hey everyone Dan here from the diamond minecart"

  19. Jordan TheDoge says

    im not relaxed…im scared…

  20. Some Awesome Gamer YT says

    hi dantdm can you post a video on pogo stuck i really enjoyed it

  21. Lamar TeeVee! HD says

    Really ???? Nice Game

  22. Ryan Schroering says

    Does he not realize if it touches the water the level is failed

  23. J.T. Gaming says

    The last bridge is the best bridge ever

  24. Miguel Jozart says

    1.13 that moment

  25. brian read says

    how is your son also you said you weren"t going to kill any one

  26. snorlax Lego go says


  27. Jordan Rycman says

    bliz: head palmsdan: 🙁

  28. Crazier7 says


  29. Anthony Woolhead says

    Who's here from lazarbeam poly bridge……just me!…………..ok..

  30. Aarush Kumar says

    Rip everyone who died in the making of the bridge

  31. Gamer 94 says


  32. kabassas says

    “He flipped! He did the flip!”-Dan, 2020

  33. shieryann brotnov says

    im crying

  34. shieryann brotnov says

    Omg I just lost everything in roblox ;-;

  35. Avery Jamison says

    Speaking of Karen Dan react to videos of “Karens”

  36. Tia Michelle Zachariassen says

    Word of the day: Triangel c:

  37. Nate Hammett says

    You Are The best YouTuber in the world GG

  38. Mr Penguin says

    we're gonna call her…. KarenINHALE

  39. North Carolina Boi says

    I wish there would be another Minecraft Story Mode Season 3, because I would LOVE to play that. Sadly, it won't happen ?

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