1. Jacob Latimore says

    Follow me on tik tok https://www.tiktok.com/@jacoblatimore and make a video to this sound to join the #FashionChallenge

  2. v porshe says

    I can’t stop playing this song I love it visual is everything ??? simple but ? ?????? I’m here for it??

  3. KayBee Wooo says

    Potential Workout Song Anyone ?????

  4. Tyler Kirkland says

    U bae

  5. Gilles le moal says

    i'm normally not into hip-hop, but this is really good

  6. coco muha says

    yoooo man plz make sure song 1m view nice song ever

  7. Darian Monsefan says

    that facemask tho

  8. nebbscorner says

    mama hanging outside the car door WINDOW making it clap. this level of strength and excellence is very chef’s kiss

  9. Stacianne Letang says

    I got this on REPLAY??

  10. Miss Immigrant says

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  11. Ella Enchanted89 says

    the energyyyy siis go orrf jacob i see u always with the vibez

  12. IAmAlishaYvonne says

    I love this song Jacob been doing this for awhile I’m not surprised of his growth an amazing actor as well it’s in his blood literally

  13. Kid Wing jr. says


  14. faceoff images says

    I'm back asking for a REMIX!!!

  15. Mr Sack CMT says


  16. Jaquette Teemer says

    Damn who is sheee??

  17. HENNY FINESSE says

    The dancer tho ???

  18. John Crowder says



    Love this song ….feeling this and he really has some nice music but fashion he did that ???????????bless him and all he does

  20. Navneet Chadha says

    Luv it when he says, "shu…shu…shu"?

  21. Victoria Johnson says

    You’re growing up into young man and still love your songs!! Keep going!!

  22. Real Barz says


  23. CaVann says

    Bruh why tf iant heard of Jacob earlier this song mf fye

  24. CaVann says

    Who produced this song?!?

  25. I Am Sarah Elizabeth says

    This is my jam!

  26. KeeseSoCali Gaming says

    This song yo crazy ???????

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