1. ゴンディーズ says

    I like your singing voice! I feel calm☺️Good luck!from Japan??

  2. Peace International Trading Company says

    You are the only person who I want to listen till my last breath. May you live long!

  3. Young B. says

    Nice song. I need to see more ad videos like this

  4. お前の性処理班 says


  5. brodemonz says

    It says cover but I've never heard it before. So it's new to me! 🙂 Really really good job. You sound wonderful.

  6. 瑠璃 says


  7. Drake pipin rose says

    I like it. I just made my first animation skit and would love it if u gave it a watch and a like. Perhaps I could intrest u in making me a theme song for my cartoon . Leave me a comment about that. Ty

  8. おかしなハーマイオニー says


  9. 餅助 says

    too big to bear

  10. リノッシュベータ says


  11. Open World Gamer says


  12. peytdawg s says

    Good job?

  13. Mark Mywords says

    The average attention time is 6 seconds. Try coming in on the 4th bar. Great tune!

  14. Mr. Jones says

    like te music but she just makes me uncomfortable. nice non the less

  15. マリンちゃん says


  16. Bradius Maximus says

    If you're gona crossdress atleast try and make it convincing..

  17. オカン says


  18. Ninjasully says

    You go a very smooth beautiful voice not many people have and I am kind of jealous

  19. KzMkQ says

    from ad

  20. 黄色いYELLOW says


  21. /りゅエモン says


  22. るっち says

    Wow!! your voice is exquisite!!!!!?From Japan

  23. Mohamed yusuf says

    Wtf did I just listen 2 and why is it pooping up on youtube

  24. Sugar Macaron says

    Amazing ! I love it !

  25. AE Mark says

    Nice cover

  26. Sarah Martin says

    Such a beautiful and emotional voice❤️

  27. Worship Outlet says

    Agh ily?❤️

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