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Travel video about destination Jamaica.
Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second largest city which, at the end of the 18th century, was one of the most important harbours for the island’s sugar industry. The lively city centre is a mixture of both old and new with modern concrete houses located next to simple wooden huts and congested streets with numerous small shops and street traders.Close to Falmouth, there’s the excitement of Martha Brae River Rafting which is an excellent way to explore this tropical paradise in which dense tropical rain forest shows off all its spectacular colours. It was here on the north coast that Christopher Columbus landed in1502 and where the Spanish were defeated by the British in a bloody battle for sovereign control of the island. Dunn`s River Falls is the name of a waterfall near to Ochos Rios, one of the island’s most well known natural attractions. In swimming attire, more than a million annual visitors attempt to climb through spraying torrents of water whilst linking hands in a human chain. In foaming cascades, the water plunges 200 metres down toward the sea over step-shaped limestone blocks and across an overgrown landscape of ferns and plants. Harmony Hall, a Victorian building that is a reminder of British colonial rule, is the name of an immaculate manor house located on a turn of the century plantation. Today it contains a handicraft centre and also a gallery which displays the works of indigenous artists. James Bond Beach is the name of the former winter retreat of the English author, Ian Fleming, who created British secret agent, James Bond. The famous author wrote most of his fourteen 007 novels on the small island of Golden Eye, of which five were set in Jamaica. Expansive fields of coconut palms dominate the Sun Valley Plantation which continues a tradition that dates back 250 years. In addition to bananas, citrus fruits, papayas, melons and apples, various spices are also cultivated on the plantation. World famous for their coffee beans, the Blue Mountains represent breathtaking primeval nature with a hint of adventure, a further experience in this sun-scorched island of dreams.

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  1. Franklin Ireland says

    why steel band music. that's not jamaican music

  2. kifdaaaga says

    OverAll..A Good Vid. All Because Of The Beautiful IsL. That ?? Is..PS: Narrator…The Colonialists Style OPuSCuLuM From Your CheiLion Got To Go..i.e… If You’re Still Alive.

  3. kifdaaaga says

    Ok..A LiL African Harmony..With The Reggae Strum & Base..Nice

  4. kifdaaaga says

    What A DiSResPecT!!!..Playing MuZiK Not Indigenous To ?? As It’s Vid. Theme SonG. Bunch Of ImPs..Hence So “Many” Views.

  5. Diana Vee says


  6. lamindy says

    Wow. How old is this footage and narration? Took me back decades! Somewhat nice to see (older) Jamaica but could do without some of the condescending remarks.

  7. Donavan j Brooks says

    Or is it the Ashanti / Akan phrase, Jamma Maka, meaning or we stuck Here?

  8. LIGHT UP BIKES MENELIK ROAD 0755514642 says

    1st Spanish invasion then colonial rule…….2nd Invasion is more realistic…it was not a democracy from 1490s to 1960s, that is 450 of no pretence of democracy…

  9. # Juan says

    Jamaica is beautiful! ?



  11. marcin szreter says

    ❤️ good lector. thx.buddy

  12. Nancy Muldoon says

    that looks so pretty I wish I was there

  13. Kraydo Wyno says

    When was this documentary done? Jamaica looks nothing like that now. and slaves didn't seek solace in Christianity after being taken to the Island. They were beaten and killed if they didn't renounce their African heritage and embrace Christianity and all other forms of imperialism. I'm a History teacher and Researcher, these are facts.

  14. Bennett Stephenson says

    Jamaican love. the Cuban. Because. in Jamaica. their is a lot of. Cuban living. their and very. soon Jamaican will. stated to speak Spanish

  15. Claudette Page says

    good video thank u.

  16. briantravelman says

    Video made a factual error, as this channel often does. Harry Belafonte was born in New York, not Jamaica.

  17. briantravelman says

    What a beautiful, interesting and still largely unspoiled and authentic islands. Real shame that it has become so dangerous. And I had no idea there were crocodiles in Jamaica.

  18. Jaydieeeeeeee says

    U said ocho rios wrong its ocho rios not ochos rios

  19. s m says

    listen if there were people already living columbus did not discovert anything he putted only on the maps how can you discover something people are already living now thats bullshit

  20. Bazz le bleu says

    didn't Jacob marley come from here?

  21. fongjorge says

    Jamaica is not in north america, is in the caribbean in front of central america.

  22. angelagordon57 says

    people need to learn the real history of the Caribbean, and not has been fed to them by the Europeans.

  23. Franceen Williams says

    nice video better than the zinc fench and rasta man as if that's all about jamaica

  24. Nzinga shangolifechange says

    Next summer we are going to go Jamaica I am excited

  25. Janet Cousins says

    I know that this is a very dated video but why on earth was it introduced with steel-pan calypso-sounding music which was NEVER at any time a typical or really popular Jamaican music form.The narrator even says that Jamaicana live their lives at "reggae pace" hint,hint This type of "pan" music was and continues to be used mainly by some cluless, out of touch hoteliers who either are too lazy or chesp to go find good reggae and other types of real Jamaican music/bands to use in their in the entertainment packages This is one of the main reasons why some of their entertainment comes off as tacky, corny, out-dated and boring

  26. Jeniah Golding says


  27. PRO R Gamer says

    skype brought me here


    The country side is gorgeous. Explore Jamaica and find your favorite parish.


    Jamaica was really nice in the 90's and early 00's.

  30. Mello Bee says

    Question: why use 1970's coverage for a 2013 post?? Come on! I'll take an all expenses paid trip for you, to update for your viewers…I'm serious!

  31. MsRoyal123 says

    For the record Harry Belafonte was born in Harlem but raised in Jamaica by his grandmother.

  32. MsRoyal123 says

    Oh my goodness. Did he just say "Fowl Mouth" as the pronunciation for Falmouth. Lol

  33. Timothy Black says

    Beautiful Jamaica where we all believe in God the only God from the first day until now more love from the heart god bless y.all enjoy amen

  34. Happy Robins says

    in this video I saw places and people I know, in the blue mountain area I saw a dreadlocks man who I once work with, he is also the baby father, of my sister baby father sister

  35. Annie Swalef says

    When yuh go a jamaica yuh find out and maby yuh love jamaica aswel mi seh and mi ave famalie inna mobay

  36. Annie Swalef says

    demar Simpson mi qwaan back next year

  37. Annie Swalef says

    why cause mi seh love beatiful JAMAICA

  38. Leah Peter says


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