Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture]


Dirty Computer – an emotion picture* by Janelle Monáe.

*EMOTION PICTURE (definition): a narrative film and accompanying musical album

Dirty Computer: The Album Available Now:

Janelle Monáe as Jane 57821
Tessa Thompson as Zen
Jayson Aaron as Ché

Also Starring
Michelle Hart as Virgin Victoria
Dyson Posey as Cleaner #1
Jonah Lee as Cleaner #2

Executive Produced by
Janelle Monáe
Nate “Rocket” Wonder
Chuck Lightning
Mikael Moore
Julie Greenwald

Co-Executive Produced by
Kelli Andrews
Ian Blair
Alan Ferguson

Directed by
Andrew Donoho
Chuck Lightning

Written by
Chuck Lightning

Additional Story Ideas and Vision by
Janelle Monáe
Nate “Rocket” Wonder
Alan Ferguson

Music Videos Written and Directed by
Alan Ferguson
Emma Westenberg
Andrew Donoho
Lacey Duke

Produced by
Nicole Acacio
Ian Blair

Associate Produced by
Deonna Young-Stephens

Music Videos Produced by
Justin Benoliel
Judy Craig
Melissa Ekholm
Maya Table
Ian Blair

Original Music Score by
Nate “Rocket Wonder
Wynne Bennett

Wardrobe by
Alexandra Mandalkorn

Hair by
Nikki Nelms

Makeup by
Jessica Smalls

Director of Photography
Todd Banhazl

Production Design
Fernanda Guerrero

Edited by
Andrew Donoho
Taylor Brusky

Music Videos Edited by
Deji LaRay

Choreography by
Jemel McWilliams

Sound Design by
Jackie! Zhou

Janelle Monáe with Special Guest St. Beauty “Dirty Computer” Tour Dates – Just Announced! Visit for more

Mon Jun 11 – Seattle, WA
King County’s Marymoor Park

Tue Jun 12 – Vancouver, BC
Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Wed Jun 13 – Portland, OR
McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater

Sat Jun 16 – San Francisco, CA
The Masonic

Wed Jun 20 – San Diego, CA
Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU

Thu Jun 28 – Los Angeles, CA
The Greek Theatre

Sat Jun 30 – Salt Lake City, UT
The Complex

Sun Jul 01 – Denver, CO
The Paramount Theatre

Tue Jul 03 – Minneapolis, MN
State Theatre

Thu Jul 05 – Chicago, IL
The Chicago Theatre

Fri July 06 – Milwaukee, WI*

Sat Jul 07 – Grand Rapids, MI
20 Monroe Live

Mon Jul 09 – Detroit, MI
Fox Theatre Detroit

Tue Jul 10 – Cincinnati, OH
Taft Theatre

Wed Jul 11 – St. Louis, MO
The Pageant

Fri Jul 13 – Nashville, TN+
Ryman Auditorium+

Sat Jul 14 – Indianapolis, IN
Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

Mon Jul 16 – Toronto, ON

Wed Jul 18 – New York, NY
Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

Fri Jul 20 – Washington, DC*
The Anthem*

Sat Jul 21 – Boston, MA
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

Mon Jul 23 – Raleigh, NC
The Ritz

Tue Jul 24 – Charlotte, NC
The Fillmore Charlotte

Thu Jul 26 – Tampa, FL
Jannus Live

Fri Jul 27 – Miami, FL
The Fillmore Miami at Jackie Gleason Theater

Sat Jul 28 – Orlando, FL
House of Blues Orlando

Sat Aug 04 – Atlanta, GA

*non-Live Nation date
+on sale beginning May 4

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  1. madi blossom says

    the symbolism in PYNK is so GOOD, i can never get over how beautiful it is. and the imagery represents ALL women, not just cis women ?and ugh her monologue at 27:13 hits me right in my wlw heart and breaks it all to pieces i love it ?

  2. Cheche Uduma says

    Lesbian rights ❤️❤️

  3. Tammy says

    All my friends are Kings and Queens I added to that I love it. This is epic

  4. jack kelly says

    i've seen this like 20 or so times now and it literally never gets old

  5. SeriTeri Art says

    she is beyond amazing; true artistry! the android shepherd for this electric sheep.

  6. Iris Alleyne says

    Pansexual flag as eye shadow in the first song ☺️

  7. ThatGirl Ahyawnah says


  8. THE ØNE says

    Coming 2 years later, still a masterpiece.

  9. Bernice Tillis says

    CIA BRAINWASHING CAMP…….we need to wake up.

  10. EkatDragon says

    This reminds me of Westworld

  11. Fahri K. says

    Mary Apple 45 is a really cool actress and singer

  12. Tanyah Anderson says

    How am I just watching this?

  13. Beee Troj says

    Rly this is good? Which song is good someone tell me? Melody sux lyrics suck , y’all brainwashed….some of the songs have a prince melody NONE OF THIS SHIT IS ORIGINAL…except for the corny ass lyrics

  14. Jam Ski says

    Infinite thanks and just as persisting respects to Ms Monáe for this second-to-none masterpiece of Afrofuturist art. This is the single possible way to perceive and see things to come. Stride on!

  15. Paul Abbott says

    Why was I programmed to feel pain?

  16. Bid-Art says

    I come back here every now and then for my dose of faith in humanity.

  17. World Kidd says

    This music is fucking trash.Trash ass bullshit

  18. 여자예쁘다 says

    WHY TF DOES THIS NOT HAVE MORE ATTENTION? They really hate to see something that calls out society and its bullshit. This is a masterpiece. As it was when it first came out and is still a masterpiece now.

  19. LadyJay333 says

    i grew up watching 70s and 80s science fiction and music videos. This is always a treat for my eardrums and eyeballs.

  20. Ted Jones says

    I have no words, that was amazing in every way & the perfect use of pop visuals.

  21. J. Granger says

    Reminds me so much of Prince, he'd be proud of this, and that's high praise.

  22. Andreas Neumann says

    Incredibly great.

  23. Sheri Hardaway says

    I hate I'm just seeing this! This is amazing! This is a wonderful story and very personal! Janelle is a great artist and performer!

  24. The Cuzzos says

    I swear if I got to meet Janelle in real life I would cry❤️.

  25. Lex says

    I can't believe is 2 years now

  26. T P S says

    Thanks for straight it helps me to come out of the darkest in the light to no be a afraid to be me a proud black woman who also loves beautiful black woman

  27. Jacque Rose7 says

    Never stop being you sista!! Just keep it real, no matter what! and the rewards are already YOURS!! I love you and all of what your work expresses… It's just the way you make me feel!…

  28. Imani Danielle Bea says

    Omg I love Janelle So freaken much♥️?????!!! I cannot wait to meet her and be friends with her and so much more in the near future ??♥️??!! I loved this sooo much????!! I love yu gurl ????

  29. Châu Lê says

    In the light of the situtation right now this is so empowering ?

  30. Richard Paauwe says

    J.M., Your girlfriend is awesome she belongs in your arms, not next to you, on screen, in your work. Let her be your muse. You must be on a solo ego trip. That is one thing that Prince understood. His movies where ghastly ego vignettes, terrible cinema, but commercial successes. But in everything the Prince did, he was in complete control, and his face was out front. It still cost's $3.99 to watch Graffiti Bridge, or Sign of the Times, and they are Awful. A few decent songs, one great song, and I still pay to watch them from time to time. Purple Rain, and Cherry Moon were much better, but still terrible movies. and they cost even more to watch and people are still paying. Oh, and leave politics out of everything you ever do in public. Be humble enough to understand that you are an artist, you are not a doctorate in political science, or any such thing. Show your beauty, collect your money, be grateful, and repeat. That's the smart way. Ask Lady GaGa.

  31. Richard Paauwe says

    J.M., I love the use of breasts, and the zillion dollar budget. But it's not deep, it's poppy, but not scary, heavy, or sexy. Think Operatic, classical and work your way down to mainstream. You have to trust that your brain, and your lungs are as perfect as the rest of your genes. Cover a little sia, some Andrea Bocelli, some opera you like, then dip into the mainstream with funky drops like Prince and M.I.A.. And as for a feature length, they rarely go good for Artists. Purple Rain was a great success commercially, but not a good movie by any measure.

  32. Love Carol says

    Is no one going to talk about that PHENOMENAL extra verse in PYNK only found in this film???!!!! I’m completely in love and am so glad I’m rewatching in 2020 BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊?✊?✊?

  33. c.l.j.c_22_ 10/12 says


  34. Adrienne Walker says

    THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT I WILL WITNESS TODAY! Thank you Janelle Monae. You've done it again.

  35. Richard Paauwe says

    No no no none of this is right Janelle Not any of this is right.

  36. Jolonda Clay says

    For a moment, I was really worried that Janelle's character in this video was really changed by this "society". I'm glad I watched to the very end

  37. Christen Gumbs says

    QUEEN! Simply one of the best artists of… my time, that's for sure. I've been following since your first album. True in all forms. BEST live show I have ever seen. Janelle, light this world on FIRE!

  38. JT História says

    Subtitles in portuguese? I dream with this.

  39. Digital Grriot says


  40. Kiara Danielle says

    my 10th time watching this. this is so great.

  41. Casey Lee says

    she is so so talented and deserves so much more recognition

  42. THOR K says

    Guys can we just take a moment to appreciate the Goddess that is Janelle M!!!! Gorgeous, talented, intelligent, sexy, classy and black.You literally couldn't make her more Godlike, even if you tried !!Nah, the brilliant sight of this woman has me spilling my bowl of oats, and I only wake to realise it when she`s done!!

  43. Aaron Lanier says

    The extended version of PYNK alone is worth the price of admission.Yet Queen Janelle is offering this to us for free.

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