Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer [Trailer]


Dirty Computer – an emotion picture by Janelle Monáe.
*EMOTION PICTURE (definition): a narrative film and accompanying musical album

“Make Me Feel,” “Django Jane” & “PYNK” available now:

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Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer [Trailer]

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  1. Jenny GREAT says

    I see janelle monáe, I click!!

  2. listen up! says

    Wow. She started her career conservative… then winded up fucked up in the head, led by her demons. She sold out..

  3. Ebizzill says

    that sh*t is crazy just saw it on amazon prime.

  4. Eliothebeast says


  5. Muhamad Azka Soelaeman says

    fuck her advertisement all on youtube disliked all

  6. Busta Rogers says

    What absolute crap!.

  7. Frank Di says

    I need to watch this movie, trailer looks amazing. I love to watch all movies using boxxy software, because it has amazing subtitles and also I use it for free.

  8. J Ro says

    Tessa Thompson turned her her out, I swear. Of course I could be wrong, but thank God for those 2 amazing women anyway.

  9. Miguel Reinoso says

    This is a new kind of art! 21st century music and entertainment.

  10. Caribbean Girl says

    Love her

  11. Danielle DeBoise says

    OK I'm Janelle telling on sum Shit g I swear she is and god is not a women love

  12. Flat Earth says

    Man no wonder she got so much play at the Whitehouse…she straight devil worshiper! She was doing all kinds of satanic signs. And claiming that "Black Girl Magic " which is another way to say she is a Black WITCH!!! Dig It???

  13. mr iimpressive says


  14. Bonnie Burton says


  15. Estelle Babin says

    omg more to come guys

  16. Lea M. says

    I just saw it ? it’s amazing

  17. Ángela Mardones says

    Dónde veo el vídeo?

  18. Peasant says

    The dirty computer short film was a wild ride. Can’t wait for the album to meet my mile high expectations

  19. William Smith says

    I've been wanting her to do an emotion picture since 2010 <3 Thank you.

  20. starr la roc says

    Dirty Computer = Dirty Mind ???

  21. NOAH S. says


  22. Diversified Plural says

    So excited

  23. Ben says

    Can someone fill me in on this? Usually from my experience blacks aren’t as much into cyberpunk, I appreciate that she has taken a step toward breaking perspective since cyberpunk is usually considered something weird people like, i love cyberpunk and want to see the genre become big, and even more i would love to see the black community open up to these experiences

  24. ThePacemaker45 says

    Lol is she releasing a movie or an album?

  25. BabyFunsize says

    Janelle Monae’ is one my favorite actresses ever in life!!

  26. Dina love says

    Will the film eventually be released on YouTube? I really need to know!!

  27. Cristin Cricco-Powell says

    All hail the Queen. I am so here for this.

  28. stop, get some help says


  29. Monte Logan says

    Now I’m wondering when we’re gonna get the short film. We’ve gotten three videos of which we’ve seen clips in this trailer too

  30. Pedro Miguel Santos says


  31. Aurora Brune Nordheim says


  32. Road Kill says

    Send to Marfa Film Festival and lets celebrate Y O U ! ! ! !

  33. Olympia Sherron says

    She is just cool AF ?

  34. remixbeb says

    Will the movie be included with the CD? Any info? Thx

  35. AngeliseValenya says

    Ugh, it's a month :O WE NEED YOU JANELLE

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