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Shimokitazawa is a perfect place to go for a good variety of second hand, vintage and thrifting clothing. You may also find handmade and unique pieces by some original brands here.
Not only is shimokitazama well-known for cheap vintage second hand fashion, you can also find tons of options for cool cafes here, with good food for fairly cheap price.

Kichijoji is an ideal neighborhood for a leisure walk around, since unlike other places, here is not packed with tourists.
I suggest to spare most of your shopping time for kichijoji, since lots of goods can be purchased for a cheaper price here.

We also visited the Ghibli museum, a little paradise for every Studio Ghibli fan. This was such a memorable experience in my life. Inside Ghibli museum, different artworks are being displayed, it feels like some sceneries are brought into real life. Make sure to purchase the ticket beforehand, they can only be reserved in advance.

Filmed with Olympus OMD EM10
Edited with Final Cut Pro X

Music :
dj okawari – flower dance
Laputa – Castle in the sky Theme
* I don’t own any right to the music used.

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  1. Joselin Mendoza says

    Es lindo el ambient supongo…desearia tanto conocer algunas partes del continente de Asia..sobretodo Japón… saludos desde Ecuador..

  2. NadsisnotNarnia says


  3. Vee says

    Shimokitazawa seems amazing !!! I had never even heard of that neighbourhood before !

  4. Travel Pockets says

    I still need to go visit the Ghibli Museum! Love Nausicaa, Laputa and Totoro. Too bad they won't allow visitors to shoot indoors. Great shots outdoors tho!

  5. yumika43 says

    Omg I am going to cry, this is so beautiful … I miss Japan so much ?❤

  6. Totoro the Traveller says

    Enjoyed watching your day in Tokyo, cafes and food you show make me feel hungry! Being a totoro, I was smiling widely during Studio Ghibli part. Enjoy Japan! ❤

  7. PARSL3Y says

    This was such an awesome video! ?? I can't wait to see more of your content! ??

  8. TonySU says

    good job ?

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