1. Christopher Lee says

    Get fired, go home, have three kids and have one of them make it to NBA, and come back the same way, and you will be the legend and a goat.

  2. 0sum gamezzz says

    At least he was smart enough to end any chance of having a coaching career on his own terms. Eddie Denard, watch that name, within the next five years it will be part of a headline that goes something like —- EDDIE DENARD: HEADING TO PRISON FOR….

  3. Kit says

    I would knock that coach out. In a second. That coach has some issues including violent behavior.

  4. MusicKnowledge1 says

    Wtf!! surprised the player allowed that I dont give a fuck id get a chair and slam it into his skull see if he ever thinks of doing that again

  5. Johann Kobi says


  6. Derrick Wade says

    everybody needs to watch Brad Stevens coach. Dude is calm and gets his players to buy in and play the right way. Acting tough and intimidating your players is Bobby Knight shit, and that hasn't worked in over 30 years.

  7. Erik says

    I think we all agree that the whole team should have beat living crap out of that coach.

  8. Zion Curaçao says

    This boys are desperate to make it , same as actresses having sex with powerful producers . It's bulling of the worst kind , fucken nauseating.

  9. Mike Anthony says

    Punk az coach.

  10. IAN BLADUELL says

    good job dixson, you are going somewhere perhaps the nba down the line and that street bum coach will be left behind cleaning the arena Big props to you!!

  11. D.J. HNDKS says

    Not cool!!! Props to Montrell Dixson-you kept your cool when your coach didn't keep his. You're a man-he's less than. Come on Lavar Ball-this guy should be sat down, spoken to, and at least suspended. This kind of coachiong IS NOT the way to help young men who want to make it to the NBA but not go to college!!!

  12. Trick Lessons Podcast says

    Way worse use to happen when I was coming up….

  13. G.V. says

    That's no coach, that's just a thug in a suit. Go flip burgers somewhere.

  14. Disco Stu says

    All the teams are named Ballers? Wtf

  15. Andy Boerger says

    Why doesn't this surprise me?

  16. Patrick Waliry says

    So this is jba's type of coach? Pathetic

  17. Atirus says

    Annnnnnnnd he should be fired. Immediately.

  18. University-6 says

    The fists to the chest is one thing. No problem with that. The cursing is whatever. When I played sports growing up I never worried about coach cursing me. That's just heat of the moment. The head-butt and after is where it takes a turn. That's poor coaching. He should definitely apologize to the player about that. Probably miss a game or three.

  19. Ty Shakur says

    He's gonna be fired by tomorrow. This is a bad look for Lavar and the JBA

  20. John naranjo says

    "what you gon do what you gon do"..this isn't tough love, if someone says this to me in my face i take them as fighting words. This isn't coaching.

  21. heyymannnnnnn says

    What a punk. One of those guys who never got close to making it themselves so they take it out on people who have gone further than them.

  22. Shawn Williams says

    Taking advantage of his position as a coach smh smh..pathetic. Once a coach crosses that line like that..you have to protect yourself, coach or not. If you got to throw the hands, throw the hands..because he is in the wrong..period. Thats not showing respect to your players..so if you want to cross the line like that..hey off bets are off. Now, lets see if Lavar Ball says something regarding this. Anybody that want to justify head butting a player and acting like you going to throw hands with the player is a sign of discipline…go let that same guy do that to your son..and lets see what you would do. Now if he would of grabbed the dude's neck with both hands..is that also another showing of discipline??? smh smh.

  23. Apollo Skillz says

    Like it doesn’t happen in the nba. It happens in every work of life

  24. Tshiowa B says

    the guy should sue him

  25. Tshiowa B says

    the guy should sue him

  26. Techno-Virus 757 says

    That whole team should beat his ass in that locker room.

  27. Mr. Adassa says

    What a bunch of SISSIES! This young man obviously needs to grow a pair…..and THIS is how you do it…..he respects authority and knows not to hit back…just turn that energy into being a better ball player! Love it!!!!

  28. Justin Peterson says

    I am all about tough love but this is over the top.

  29. André Harrell says

    No No, you have to go. Respect & Credibility are two requirements needed to be a coach…he just lost those two characteristics permanently with that team.

  30. Paul Heckman says

    oh man. what i would give to have seen that kid deck him after the "what you gon' do?!?!!?"

  31. Pat Smith says

    Major lawsuit coming, this kid was at work!

  32. Matty Young says

    Smh shoulda knocked your coach out.

  33. Kyng Symba says

    Should of kick him in his Ding Ding… 👀👀

  34. Steven Jones says

    Fire his ass……if it had been a white coach, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have already made plans to fly in for protests……

  35. Julius Williams says

    Good luck getting someone's recent high school graduate son in the future

  36. Adrian Navar says

    Professional Basketball League?? I really don’t see any professionals portraying professionalism… it’s pretty simple, don’t like the way a player is performing?, sit’em down.

  37. Brandon Kelso says

    That went from tough love to throwing hands real fast. Salute to the kid for not rearranging his coach's priorities in life

  38. Christian Zapien says

    It was all love until the coach came back and headbutt the kid. Then once the kid stands up for himself, the coaches response is to get defensive? Seems like a mature guy to have as a coach…

  39. Myron Jones says

    Damn he need my hands my strength and geart because that coach wiould have jaw replacement from this powerful right cross😎💪💪💪

  40. Shamgod says

    boi should have drilled a right in his bumas coaches face

  41. bigsoos says

    should arrest his ass

  42. Johnny Homicide says

    mentor with your mouth and mind, not your fists and forehead…

  43. zachary godfrey says

    “Whatchu gon do whatchu gon do”

  44. Top5NoQuestions says

    I actually love this. Lol

  45. Mandel Durant says


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