Jeff Bezos Billionaire Lifestyle | Girlfriend, Houses, Cars


Jeff Bezos Trillionaire Lifestyle | Girlfriend, Houses, Cars

In today’s video we will talk about Jeff Bezos rich Lifestyle in 2020. Also we will talk about his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, net worth, houses, cars and businesses! Take a look on what jeff bezos spends his billions on.

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A Day in The Life of Jeff Bezos (Richest Person In The World)

Jeff Bezos Lifestyle 2020 | World Richest Man |

A Day In The Life of Jeff Bezos

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We show billionaire lifestyle to give you motivation for 2020. Luxury lifestyle videos of successful people is the best way to get inspired and motivated to create billion dollar wealth. Life of a billionaire is full of beautiful women and fast cars. For us, success is living a billionaire life with motivation, to make 2020 the best year of your life!

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  1. Yets says

    Bill gates is richer than Jeff Bezos Jeff is a paper billionaire he can only sell a little of his Amazon stock per year lol most of Jeff’s wealth is in Amazon stock. Bill gates has the most diverse portfolio in the world, he can come up with over 100 billion dollars cash in a matter of weeks. It would take Bezos years to do the same and in doing so Amazon stock will crumble. So in conclusion tech billionaires are in no comparison to bill gates, if bill gates held onto all his Microsoft stock he would be worth 500 billion + but he chose to diversify instead.

  2. QQuaeE says

    is he still a human being ?

  3. Joshua Brooks says

    Billionaire is the new millionaire!

  4. ModeerF Agaz says

    must be awesome to have it all

  5. Carl Miez says

    Can Jeff fix his girlfriend face full of Bad Silicone/Botox job

  6. Midasnetwork Theofficialkingmidas says

    Hi. These events should sound familiar I submitted them years ago from 2002- via email , letter,etc the devil's case . The movies based on true events t most of them I remember your best lawyers,invistigfators,etc. Looked into it the result was near billions with lawyers fees out. Etc the final result was still in the millions you guys did a great job . I remember the cia,fbi,etc were all involved for best results and protection. I was living in neveda at the time or out of state normally I was in cali,nv,ny,etc I will tell u the best way I can . I have attached the movies,pics,etc related to this case. Or what I'm writing to you these ppl are scary still are some are in jail, state , federal prison,etc the reasons everything from sex trafficking, trafficking,assault,robbery,etc all over the world . So I have had many jobs agencies,qsr, sales,etc like 20 . Various fields. I got involved with mlm back in 2003- worked with many networkers Tim herr, hayden daughters now bjorn . Frank ching,Andy chau , danny bae, Michael sejun an, George zakucki,etc I started in the irvine office the president's there were Jim rohn, Jerry ballah,Tim herr, pat johnston,danny bae,etc I then got sent to neveda to expand . I did for 10 or more hrs daily 6 days my first year was near $10 million in sales and svp/ president seat and coc. #1 producer under ballah rohn . Also repeated the same in 5links 5linx . Former acn was Andre maronian from 1996 to 2006. All big time ballers in my opinion. Some of them are still in acn some revital u some 5linx and others. I was muschevious . Very pro👌 I remember been with the Asians they were very money motivated bright and others were not I focused on leaders which was Danny Bae. I surpassed his results 100x seriously last time I remember my sales was near $1 billion Danny was nowhere near me. Had the dominating mindset. Was very aggressive I dunno what the hell I had was money possessed. So I remember I used both companies was Midas ,LLC in both companies and top 3 in the entire company worldwide for yrs. Played in the nfl for dolphins bucaneers in the nba warriors,Knicks,Lakers,king's,etc hof with David robinson , arvydis sabonis,etc man I avg like 40 pts per game , 10 assist, 5;rebounds, 99% free throw . Etc was playing ball from 3 pm till 3 am . Bumping classical brain music . I was faster than most. Sported pippen , stockton, jabbar,rodman,sabonis,bird,etc I idolized spud webb , muggsy bogues, allen iverson,etc copy catted their game in mine. Etc invested most worldwide,etc for billionaire results. Showed to Michael bloomberg countries Europe, Russia,usa,china mainly all from $100 million to $3 trillion via bank account, PayPal,gold,jewels,etc I kept relating riches to riches. Demonstrated homelessness to millionaire billionaire . Etc worked for big wigs like Putin,musk,sabonis, branson,etc all very very powerful and scary this is were all the fights cyber attacks etc happened . Funny I mentioned I did cyberware for cia,fbi,etc to fight criminals protect the ultra rich . Examples satallites, technologies which notify the fbi police etc . Lots of celebs believe it or not are in involved in human trafficking, sex rings,drugs,etc I'm not im a devil for god or angel. It's hard but like Elijah Moses . I remember I fought hard for women and childs.etc did many things for CIA like my friend Larry ellison . Fbi ,etc lots of heartache tears etc from gangs, pimps,etc told everyone I know for betterment right now orange county and los angeles county are getting hit hard sex trafficking human trafficking . Have wired many money worldwide,etc the russians fighting evil Somalians . The worst. Hope you all can help and bring justice for these ppl . Against these evil ppl . God is greatest can't wait for his return . The movies I mention earlier dead silence,resident evil all, silent hill, etc . .

  7. Joseph Coluccio says


  8. Roberto Rodriguez says

    I would do the same exact thing except spend money on women who I can tell are gold digging

  9. Jorge Aguilar says


  10. CrazyStax856 says

    can I expirence being a millionaire?. i just want $1million. just to wake up and be able to afford a few nice thing would feel great.

  11. JOHNLEY SPORT says

    The Billionaire

  12. maureen naidoo says

    I will get a mansion, a holiday home, yacht, island, lambo, Suv, Bugati Veron n the list goes on

  13. Thembekile Mtsi says

    Replace the picture of Jeff with Ex, put current girlfriend LS

  14. Phumuza Sithole says

    Not true impossible

  15. Северьян Тарба says

    You nobody


    You couldn’t be anymore wrong, Jeff bezos isn’t worth $100 billion, he’s worth $200 billion $40 per second for 170-some years

  17. Cool Dude says

    Every Bezos laugh says"hold my dollars"

  18. Jorge Gomez says

    What about the benefits for his employees working like robots under starvation wages where there is not unions that benefit employees … He makes all his millions by taking advantages of his employees AMAZON is the worse company to work … No benefits no descent salary's…. No wonder he is rich… AMAZON IS A MONOPOLY CO… How he pays on taxes…????

  19. HAMSA 369 Miracle says

    I will soon be millionaries

  20. Alex Bravo says


  21. Paul Deering says

    Has it brought happiness into his life🤷‍♂️

  22. Jurgen Pagel says

    And all this wealth came from People who are to damn lazy to get off the Sofa to go shopping but then bitch about it when he is MAKING MONEY HAND OVER FIST with AMAZON what is nothing less then a CROSS DOCK WAREHOUSE OPERATION , Goods in Containers coming in on one side , then sorted and shipped with a markup out the other side to the Consumer . SO WHAT ?? NOTHING NEW !!!! What I would like to know is WHO GAVE BEZOS THE CAPITAL TO START ?? NOBODY has Money laying under the Pillow for free 😲😲😲😲😲

  23. Elvie Javellana says

    Taguilansang bulta gorio moraga Darwin danio

  24. Ferej Ebrahim Seid says

    Him have 73 billion

  25. kasivaraprasad Kunapareddy says

    Please help me plzz Sir help many places help 🙏 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  26. Hayden Mitchell says

    You know what's funny is he could single handedly fix flints water problem, or say buy every homeless person in San Francisco a place to live, but these assholes will never do anything real for other people

  27. Son Fada says

    Funny he is worth double the price u basically said

  28. Elred Lenny says

    Question what would you do if you had money like Jeff Bezos the same thing which he is doing spend it, you can't take it to the Grave with you so you try to have as much fun as you possibly can because it's only one trip in ths mortal Life.

  29. Sergio Sanchez says

    If I had all that money I would buy mega mansions cars And animals I love animals

  30. Elvie Javellana says


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