A walking tour around the old city of Jerusalem.

The film chronologically progresses from morning to the small hours of the night, showing daily life.

For those planning on visiting, those who’d like to visit but cannot or those who might be nostalgic and want to re-live their past visits/life there, hopefully, this film shall satisfy, time and time again. A person MUST experience the city at least once in their lifetime.

Simply wandering the streets of the Old City while capturing the ambiance, historical sites, smells and different people will leave you with unforgettable experiences and a lifetime of amazing memories.

Filmed in December 2010.

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#Jerusalem #HolyLand #OldCity

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Filming Equipment:


– Sony HDR-AX2000

Camera Accessories:

– Glidecam ‘Smooth Shooter’ body mounted camera stabilization system.

– Glidecam HD-4000 hand-held camera stabilization.

– Sennheiser K6 module + ME66 shotgun microphone capsule.

#Jerusalem #HolyLand #OldCity

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  1. Salman Alfarizi says

    Do you think seizing land is beautiful?fuckin country ???

  2. Yesenia Rivera says

    Mándame a buscar antes del 10 de agostono me gusta ir alos torres no twngo porque ir a pies mis abuelitos murieron hacen tiempo q sea feliz q viva del benditoAbuelo busca marido Abuela gorda no te quiero darme verdurasTraerme cervesas soy de tacos no me vistan como hombre gracias Rivera Torres por la mala vida no dejarme progresar

  3. رضا مهدي says

    A beautiful and extremely wonderful show. I wish you permanent happiness, success and progress in your wonderful work. Health and safety to all of you with the utmost thanks and respect. Greetings.?????

  4. Zedany says

    Palestine ??❤️??❤️??❤️

  5. TeeJay Ortyga says

    calm down taylor swift

  6. Netorex says


  7. THE EYE says

    فلسطين …… من اجمل ما رأت عيناي الله يحفظك كل الحب من الاردن

  8. Faisal Hayat says

    Jeruslum will remain disputed for isreal because Jerusalem is a property of muslims….O Listen isreal Allah made Pakistan to punish u and ur masseah dajjal . u can never ever undo Pakistan because its under Allah will … In next 10-30 years Pakistan inshAllah become super power …u want to know if Pakistan is going through very bad time or its stars are bad even though Pakistan is much more powerful as u think ..bad time cannot effect Pakistan .. Because Pakistan is made to punish u (isreal)… God told me to convey u these messages beware of All time superior Pakistan…

  9. מיכאל says


  10. Omar Asiri says

    Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine


    There is no such state as Israel, there is a terrorist Israel that has occupied the territory of the Palestinian state. We stand by the Palestinian state materially and spiritually.

  12. Omar Asiri says

    Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine

  13. Vanessa Kemp says

    In italy lots of Madonna come from Siena loads paintings in italy Madonna properly my mother nanny my ancestors old city jerulsullum existed same year jesus old time 4bc ancestors go back name pasqui

  14. Vanessa Kemp says

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  15. Vanessa Kemp says

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  17. Vanessa Kemp says

    My ancestors in Italy date back time 4bc Rome empire existed long time marry me to egypt when first got egypt donkey in stable thought like Mary really old house in cairo jerulsullum tomb jesus church statue Mary looks like margaret mother younger

  18. Vanessa Kemp says

    Khalhad moaning about state shamel shake egypt telling me 15 years ago tanks bombed khalhad hates isreal one them koran men Muslim from egypt Cairo Luxor come from that what English married me to said yes marry her British embassy in Cairo didn’t know him well until after marriage wAnted blow up British embassy in Cairo ruining first wedding experience

  19. Vanessa Kemp says

    In 1978 nanny from Italy heard English news fighting in isreal another tribe all do is fight nanny said

  20. Vanessa Kemp says

    If ever see khalhad from egypt Muslim koran in jerulsullum old city east side

  21. Vanessa Kemp says

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  22. Vanessa Kemp says

    Kept saying isreal to koran husband in egypt he said if you keep saying that kill me he don’t said run to isreal keep being bossy to me in egypt what to wear not modern said run in wedding dress obviously couldn’t boarders off

  23. Vanessa Kemp says

    If husband egypt Muslim koran brought up saudia does go old city jerulsullum east side don’t think coming visit husband moaning about isreal secret what did in egypt Koran men show gun shot isreal people building in egypt all gone from egypt

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