Jjapaguri with steak (aka "Ram-don" from the movie Parasite) 짜파구리


These jjapaguri noodles were featured in the Korean movie “Parasite” as “ram-don,” a simple Korean instant noodle dish upgraded with high-quality beef! Full recipe:

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  1. Maangchi says

    Porrtuguese caption was submitted by Mars V.! Thank you very much! https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=wt&auto=yes&v=ZsTXzO-tk8M&nv=1This video has captions in 22 different languages. All the captions were submitted by some of you, volunteer translators. Awesome!

  2. Elesa Ansell says

    Instead of beef, could I use chicken? Or is it traditionally done with beef?

  3. Aneesha D says

    Hi Maangchi, can you please do a soy free & peanut free vegan dish? Noodles or and stir fry would be awesome ?

  4. brytanny11 says

    I loved the blooper at the end!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. 송바야바 says

    어머님 ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 유쾌해욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  6. MandyDeadite says

    I recently tried chapaghetti and I'm addicted. I think I may have to try this recipe out.

  7. Hannah Gs says

    I’ve made this for myself like 8 times it’s my fav ramyun!

  8. Rubia Family says

    Wow yummy jjapaguri with steak friend

  9. נורמה דוד says

    O my dear looks so good have to make it too

  10. BowlofIndoMee says

    I read Steak and Parasite lol

  11. 훈돌이[Hoondol] says

    영어가 요리실력만큼 훌륭하십니다?

  12. Giani Bunawan says

    I have xhin ramyun at home. Can I substitute the neoguri with xhin ramyun instead?

  13. HaRiPriYa M says

    I really wish I have the access for these ramon??I'm from INDIA❤ I love korean food so much❤Indian viewers if you where its available in India,pls do comment!!

  14. Lilith's pet says

    But Maangchi what would I do with the seaweed strip inside?

  15. 크레파스로도로에마법진그리는강원기 says

    "Um still alive"

  16. yolanda munoz says


  17. v.koncar says

    I watched it around 5 times… I watched it 2 times in my language (german) and 3 times in korean… I like it in korean better…. I LOVE this movie? I really got excited when I saw your video!

  18. Dren Kaizer says

    Is it as spicy as the samyang spicy noodle?

  19. Lady Lee says

    I wanna eat that with rice ????

  20. Dhairya Rathore says

    Never watch this video after 2 in the night

  21. 유찬스 chance TV says

    ㄲㄱㄱ ㄱㅋㄱㄱ재밌네욕ㄱㄱㅋ

  22. Marco Rubio says

    I’ve been smitten watching you cook. Your English is absolutely impeccable. And you speak Korean. Bilingual power!!!

  23. muntravelgirl says

    I followed your recipe Maangchi and it was successful! I didn't have the pickled raddish at that time but kimchi, it still tasted good!

  24. Minami World says

    Easy recipes to understand? khumawo??

  25. insane for bts says

    Indoui Salang Saranghe you are too cute I'm not perfect in Korean language because I started to learn Korean before one week but I always try to comment in Korean on your videos ??????????

  26. rose OLAJEDi says

    Healthy cooking

  27. rose OLAJEDi says

    Hi support me plss

  28. تحديات نانا ونودي says

    من فضلك طريقه عمل الصوص الحار داخل النودلز او الراميون الكورى x2?

  29. Tootickky 0w0 says

    I’m drooling ?

  30. Kapil Shrestha says

    Can you please upload peanut sidedish videos?

  31. JUVY TV says

    Wow so yummy, love this

  32. Emma O123 says

    Does anyone know where I can get the noodles? I don't have any korean stores near me

  33. Ri Za says

    I really adore your cooking, i hope you can remake it from the scratch without using the instant noodles..

  34. 클래식 says

    음 망치님 너구리는 그닥 안매워요. 짜서 적게 넣는답니다.

  35. Adelita Ortega says

    Wow ☺️??

  36. Eva Mak says

    I can literally smell it as she pour the noodle onto the plate ?

  37. 숭슝 says

    선생님 만나고 싶네요

  38. JeffthaJuggalo says

    She can cook, and i love the editing and sound effects. Good ass time honestly.

  39. Cassie Gtz says

    Can you do a Spicy Korean fried chicken?

  40. Mary McGinn says

    Can I add other protein instead of beef, like pork or shrimp?

  41. Kim Trong tv says


  42. Ley grey says

    Such a beautiful lady ???

  43. rosalie maun says

    when i saw parasite movie. i immediately watch it. try it soon

  44. Lizeth L says

    Neogiry powder its not spicy at all?

  45. Judith Roque says

    I bought my chapagetti and I’m making this tomorrow. Thank you for the “Parasite” intro. That was cute.

  46. 대홍단감자 says

    이모 최고입네다

  47. A S A 68 says


  48. Eumin Kong says

    She is so Korean she used only half the packet of Neoguri powder.

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