1. mossie2644 says

    i miss riise

  2. eddyk says

    Riise was my fave player while he was at Anfield.

  3. liljacob says

    @Armageddon5518 norway

  4. Doffy says

    where is he from??

  5. Leighton Brown says

    liverpool should never have gotten rid of alonso or risse for any price!

  6. SuperApoko says

    @kingelnino9 agree! like, how easy is it to get the ball through that small "hole" in the wall. thats NOT easy. and the keeper wasnt in wrong position either, because the wall should protect that side of the goal while the keeper protect the side he was standing on 🙂

  7. Kofi Mensah says

    You don't mess with Riise's free kick

  8. Jeremy Desmond says

    chelsea cant handel pools freekicks

  9. Benton Wong says

    look chelsea fans its true you're probably the best team in england at the moment but you've been around for less than 10 years. you've been racking up FA cups which is not bad but you've still only won 4 titles and 0 european cups.

  10. Toby Child says

    riise prolly lost his spot because of that own goal versus chelsea i wanted to slap him that day

  11. Appell11 says

    and who is the biggest in England? Chelsea have won the league 3 times xD How many CL's?? 0 is the number 😀

  12. alibabas123 says

    It dosen't matter who is number1 cause sooner or later ur form will drop. U haven't learnt from liverpool's 2006 experience? o.o

  13. Nathan Jones says

    goal wat a goal i was there nd itr wasd jst plain simple wat the fuk wer the wall doing lol gooooooooooal

  14. Matt says

    Riise: cult hero. what a f'in legend. get in there my son. Will never be forgotten..

  15. Ken U says

    History is all you guys have nowadays.

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