John Wall is Healthy and looks SCARY! Why Bradley Beal Wants to STAY


John Wall is Healthy and looks SCARY! Why Bradley Beal Wants to STAY
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  1. Mike Korzemba says

    So… Do you think John Wall can return to all star form??

  2. timothy alphonse says

    Wizards vs Nets conference finals 2021

  3. Matthew Naoum says

    John Wall is top 10 talent; him and beal together would be lethal. I would like blake griffin on this team too


    I’m a wiz fan and me and my dad are the only wiz fan I’m my whole family and I’ve been telling people that he is the best pg in the East but people don’t believe me my guy is back now he can show them that he is and hope beal stays

  5. swish.highlights says

    Let’s not make Korzemba manipulate again, he still has a LOT to prove. He’s been out for a while and he’s using clips in a scrimmage game against some below NBA level players. I hope the best for Wall really but we shouldn’t assume this will be the best version of the guy when he’s been out so long, it just doesn’t make sense

  6. TheRealBandito says

    Wizards should pitch Dwight Howard now as a back up center, we are in win mode now

  7. Eclipse says

    Beal is gonna stay in my opinion

  8. Eclipse says

    Beak is gonna stay

  9. Nicholas Levine says

    I'm a wizards fan so let's go John wall

  10. Michael Chancey says

    The east coast lillard

  11. Todd Dyson says

    This is 🧢 lol wizards gonna win a title? 😂

  12. Shawn says

    Washington is a potential dynasty but Kd Kyrie, celtics big 3, the heat will improve, so will atlanta, the raptors, and of course, the bucks… if they keep the greek freak. So you have to look at the east as a crazy place and if the clippers break up, the east is as good as the west. I know, I know that a lot of people think that that is a crazy statement. But think about the future dynasties that can form up in the east. The odds for the wizards even going to the eastern conference finals are slim sooo they have to have teamwork like the heat did this year. Thats hard for that team since the team has a lot of locker room problems.

  13. Marques Williams says

    Bradley leave Washington your not going to win anything

  14. Elitegamer 100 says

    He’ll never get a ring there but it’s his career make the best out of it while he can

  15. Maxwell PortlowPortlow says

    Bruh was diming boys left and right and I loved it

  16. Pasang sherpa says

    Deja vu


    mike:Hes going back to his explosive form that made him a 5 time all star.

    everyone else:Thats what got him injured.

  18. GodlyGamer23 says

    can you live stream the draft pls

  19. Christopher Haryono says

    The nba will be so fun next season with the return of so many good players

  20. Leon Cameron says

    He should go lakers

  21. Josh Meza says

    No defense, u see kyrie play defense

  22. CA S says

    He's still chubby so that's Interesting

  23. Patryk Bastrykin says

    I've been a life long wizards fan, I've been telling people that Beal + Wall will be the best back court in the NBA – I still believe this.

  24. Dyrus Mitchell says

    Ja Morant vs. John Wall they’re VERY SIMILAR! Ja got more bounce John more speed.

  25. T Copeland says

    Kyrie will shake this boy 😂

  26. Christian Guzman Sr. says

    LMAO thats such bullshit . He wants OUT of washington so bad . John wall is a bust. his career is almost done he been in the league a whole decade and hasnt even won a playoff series. TF is john wall gonna do now? start shooting 3s. reinvent his whole game? score more than 20 ppg this year? i doubt it dude has let me down every year such a mediocre all star to build your team around. He was supposed to be a superstar not an average PG.

  27. iFye 24 says

    John Wall ass 🤣

  28. Mark Pickens says

    The only way he lives up to his cap-crippling $130 million in salary (for just the next 3 seasons!) is for Wall to be a great team leader, largely injury free, and closes out playoff series, none of which he’s done before.

  29. raymar saunders says

    John Wall is a Superstar as same as Brad Beal. They can become a playoffs but they do need a 3rd supertar since the game has changed idk who tho

  30. Erkan Cetin says

    Imagine if Zach lavine joins the wizards

  31. Pizza Winners says

    John wall need to stick to them rehab exercises

  32. Ralph Adriane Dilao says

    Giannis would be a good fit

  33. Markees Malamug says

    A game 7 2nd round exit at best.

  34. Gemini says

    John Wall when healthy and motivated is one of the best PG's in the league. You don't agree then you don't know basketball. John Wall is amazing when he's at his best.

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